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Reproductive Cloning Can Save Our Lives In The Future

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As years pass, more and more gadgets, machines, forms of transportation and foods are being improved because of the technological advancements. Even the life of humans is improved by the years, where the life expectancy is increasing because of the developed medical research, medicines, and medical equipment. However, developed biomedical methods such as cloning are controversial, and in fact 93% of all Americans oppose cloning. Because of the controversies against this practice, the United States would not open the door to reproductive cloning, and this led to a debate between the government, and scientists and bioethicists- who are supporting human cloning. Although the critics of human cloning fear that this biomedical practice would create an unpleasant environment, inequality and contradicts with religious aspects and beliefs, cloning can help infertile women to reproduce, help cure diseases and help restore the sanctity of life.
Human cloning is bombarded with unjustified predictions that the supporters of cloning find it risky. Cloning is another medical advancement if it will be legalized. Cloning is duplicating the gene of a species where it will make an exact copy of DNA of the particular species, resulting in the existence of two identical species. Human cloning is a very controversial and frightening concept, for people think that cloning will be equal to robots, not a real person/ species, and simply because they think that the people will be crazy seeing the environment with identical species of people walking on streets; these are the same fears that the critics are predicting. Critics and writers are predicting the horrors that could happen; for example, stories about a cloned woman who was not as talented as her ancestor tried to kill her because of jealousy; an old man who cloned a young version of his wife to be his young stud; and a gay people who were cloned and raised apart liked and lusted for each other when they first met (2). It is indeed a nightmare if human cloning results in these predictions. On the other hand, we do not know if cloning humans for medical purposes is going to happen because of being controversial and many people are going against it. It is still being debated if cloning the human embryos should be legalized or not. In addition, it is too early to foreshadow what can happen in the future. According to Gregory E. Pence the author of Cloning After Dolly, “clearly making predictions about the future of cloning and popping the balloon in advance of surprises is risky” (3). Because no one has successfully done cloning on the human and no one exists today as cloned person, we should not make an assumption about the results of human cloning nor the treatment that they could get from the people who are not cloned. After all, the results cannot be verified by the predictions.
Another fear that the people feel is that it will create an unequal environment for both cloned and not cloned humans. Because...


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