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“It takes many good deeds to build a reputation and only one bad one to lose it.”, quoted

Benjamin Franklin. This quote is the only memory I have of my great grandfather. Although he passed

away a long time ago, this quote haunts me every day I am here in India. Every day from dawn until I

sleep I have to make sure I behave like a good traditional Indian girl. Ever since I stepped out of the

airplane, the pressure was on from day one. Also, since I came from America the pressure doubled

because they expected me to be perfect. They thought I was the girl who always had good grades, loved

to do traditional Indian dances, and always dressed up in formal clothing. In reality, I was the type who

loved to be in my bathing suit all day on the beaches. I loved hip hop dancing but not Kuchupudi, a

traditional Indian dance. I was born in India, but I was brought up to American customs. This did not

mean that I hated India. It meant that I had both, America and India, inside me. My struggle to keep up a

faultless reputation is similar to Santiago’s struggle to catch the giant marlin in Earnest Hemingway’s

most enduring work, The Old Man and the Sea. Santiago is the main character who has a fierce and

determined battle with the giant marlin. The struggle to meet the expectations of my family’s and my

reputation is represented by the symbols of Santiago’s struggle to capture the marlin in the book, The Old

First impressions are meant to last. The goal is to give a good one, but I am terrible at them.

Before going through the customs section in the airport, I practiced exactly what I was going to say and

picked a decent outfit to wear that presented me well. When I saw my family, I said,”Namaste”, and

presented my greeting. I believe I achieved the “good first impression”, because my grandfather told me

how I acted like an appropriate young lady. Keeping up the impression that I gave will be a struggle.

Similarly, catching a giant marlin was a struggle that Santiago had to face too. In the story, the marlin is a

symbol that represents the great struggle we all go through. Santiago goes through this struggle when he

tries to capture the giant marlin. He also goes through extra struggles that make his goal farther to reach.

An example was the constant pain that he endures from the fishing line. This relates to my life, because

when I came halfway across the world I knew that I had to learn to adjust, and this was an extra struggle

that I also had to deal with. The hardest thing to adjust to was the heat, because it was almost unbearable

in my heavy Indian clothing. It was torture, but then again this was the least of my worries considering

that arguing about the restrictions that I have on what to wear would put me in hot water with my parents.

Actually, arguing with any elders, even if you are correct, is a direct train to punishment. There are

always smaller struggles within the major struggle that we...

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