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History Of The United States Marine Corps

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The motto of the United States Marine Corps is "Semper Fidelis", meaning, "Always Faithful". The Marines have lived up to this motto by never having a mutiny in the Marine Corps. Ever. That fact is very impressive, seeing as the Marines are older than the United States of America itself. In 1775, during the Revolutionary War, the Continental Congress called for "two battalions of marines be raised." The purpose of these Marines was to create a landing forces for the United States Navy. After America won the Revolutionary War in 1783, congress decided that the Marine Corps and the Navy were no longer needed. In April of that year, congress took the Continental Marines and the Continental Navy out of existence. This decision by congress was not the end for the Marines however. In July of 1798, congress decided to bring the marines back into existence, as they needed a force that could defend American interests around the world. From 1798 to the War of 1812, the Marines fought in many small skirmishes. The Marines landed in Santa Domingo, France, and fought against the Barbary Pirates along the shores of Tripoli. As this battle was such a success, "To the shores of Tripoli" became the unofficial motto of the Marines until 1848. The Marines were also instrumental in the War of 1812. The Marines were a major asset in the defense of Washington. Later in the war, the Marines served alongside General Andrew Jackson in the battle against the British in New Orleans. After the War of 1812, the Marines fought at home as well as abroad. The Marines battled against the Seminole Indians in Florida, as well as protecting American interests in the Caribbean, Falkland Islands, Sumatra, and off the coast of West Africa in Sumatra. The next conflict that the Marines saw was the Mexican War (1946-1948). The Marines helped capture key port cities in Mexico. The Marines also fought in the Civil War. Most of the Marines served in the Naval Fleet, one battalion fought at Bull Run, and others helped defend numerous port cities such as New Orleans and Fort Fisher. As always, during the Civil War, the Marines were making landings all over the world, but mostly in the Caribbean and the Orient. Thirty-five years after the Civil War, the Marines saw action in the Spanish-American War. Marines played a major role in Cuba, Puerto Rico, Guam, and the Philippines. Also, during this conflict, the Marines began a major expansion and strengthening. In 1914, the First World War broke out. It was not until later in 1917, when the United States entered the war, that Marines first saw action. The Marines earned the nickname "Devil Dogs" in 1918 for fighting heroically at several locales across Europe. The marines also flew some of the first bomber missions over France and Belgium that had a major impact on the war. During the six months of fighting in Europe, out of 30,000 Marines that served, there were 10,000 casualties. From World War...

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