Request For A Traffic Signal To Be Placed At An Intersection...This Essay Is How Proposals Are To Be Written.

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To: Phil Genovese, Westfield Department of Public WorksFrom: Nicole Mason, C/O Residents of Edgewood ApartmentsDate: October 2, 2003Subject: Request for a Traffic Signal at the Intersection of Edgewood Apts., Union St., and Moseley Ave.ProblemAs residents of Edgewood Apartment Complex located at 134 Union St., we would like to petition the city of Westfield to investigate the placement of a traffic signal at the intersection of the Edgewood Apartment Complex driveway, Union St. and Moseley Ave. Residents of Edgewood Apartments are unable to exit their street due to the high volume of traffic that passes and frequently stacks up on Union St. directly in front of their street entrance and exit during high traffic volume timeslots. Residents living in Edgewood Apartments are prepared to collect and donate $25,000 to the construction of the traffic signal.Research of the SituationPreliminary sources of primary and secondary research are consistent with the conclusion that a traffic signal is necessary at the above-mentioned intersection. Personal encounters have resulted in delays of up to thirty minutes to exit my apartment complex because traffic refuses to stop and let me proceed outward onto the main street. Informal interviews with other residents have yielded similar complaints. The fact that there is a street, Moseley Ave., directly across from the unnamed driveway of my complex, causes further problems when vehicles are trying to exit in opposite directions onto the busy highway. Often times, the traffic flow is very dense along Union St. so drivers attempting to exit from either of the side streets carelessly and speedily exit causing traffic accidents and near misses.Inquiries to my apartment complex management have verified that many traffic accidents have been caused as a result of the high traffic volume situation. This situation is compounded when other drivers are in a rush to get home after work making the intersection a true traffic hazard. Finally, conversations with the management of a new grocery store, other commercial property owners, and several residential property realtors have confirmed that Union St. is a main thoroughfare for North Westfield and traffic volume will increase with the addition of more residential and commercial properties in the area.What Determines if an Area Should Receive a Traffic Signal?My research conclusions show that certain qualifications are necessary for traffic signal placement. Generally, investigations will be made into these five issues before the Department of Transportation will continue with the evaluation of an intersection:§ the amount of vehicular and pedestrian traffic -- Generally, a main street must have an average...

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