Request For Proposals General Contractor/Construction Manager Case Study

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Alice Waters' Eco-friendly Outdoor Kitchen

Alice Waters' Eco-friendly Outdoor Kitchen

Request for Proposal

Green Project Management:

Loaiy Aliwat

Irina Axene

Bobby Kinstle

Cameo Roberson

Table of Contents

Project Overview


The Green Project Management team has been hired to prepare, request, and respond to proposals on behalf of our client, Alice Waters.

We are issuing this request for proposal for the design and construction of an eco-friendly outdoor kitchen in the private residence of our client. Alice is a well-renowned restaurant owner, a pioneer in sustainability and an advocate of eating locally produced foods, so her outdoor kitchen should reflect those sensibilities by including use of renewable resources, materials, and appliances as well as a vegetable garden.

Currently, Alice Waters' back yard is a typical residential lot of 7,000 sq feet , with some pre-existing fruit trees that should be incorporated in the design of the newly build outdoor kitchen. The kitchen should be an old-world, Provence style, new detached structure on this lot, designed for private use, but large enough to produce and serve meals for parties of up to 50 people.

The selected `primary supplier', henceforth named Contractor, must obtain all appropriate permits, design and prepare the construction site, build and install the kitchen at a quality level that meets or exceeds all the requirements as stated in this RFP. The Green Project Management team expects that one Contractor will assume responsibility for the design and installation of the kitchen. Subcontracting is permitted, but one firm will be the prime supplier on the contract (Porter-Roth p.64).

The section below will provide the RFP administrative information and guidelines for receiving proposals.

Administrative Information

RFP Schedule

The following schedule lists the activities relevant to the RFP process. The Green Project Management team reserves the right to change the timeline listed below, but commits to notify Contractor in writing per proposal Contact Information, within 24 hours of any changes.





RFP Released

9:00 AM


Green Project Management Office

Pre-Proposal Meeting and Site Inspection

9:00 AM


Client home

RFP Questions Deadline

5:00 PM


Green Project Management Office


Proposals due

5:00 PM


Green Project Management Office


Pre-Award Presentation

5:00 PM


Client home

Award Notification

5:00 PM


Per Proposal

Expected Start Date

9:00 AM




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