Request For Tender For The Building Of A Large Residential House

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Request for tender for the building of a large residential houseStudent's NameInstitutionIntroductionThe development department in Gmax Holdings Company is responsible for undertaking construction development projects management. The department is seeking responses from Maverick Subcontractors Limited to this Request for Tender (RFT) reference number XNH5678 for the construction of a large residential house.Accuracy of the request for tenderNote that due care has been taken when preparing this RFT. Additionally, the development department makes no warranties or representations that its content or any communicated or provided information to the Tenderer (Maverick) during the process of tendering is, or will be, accurate, complete or current. If Maverick finds any discrepancy, error, ambiguity or inconsistency in information or the RFT provided by the department, immediate notification must be sent to the department promptly in a written document for the consideration of a corrective action, if necessary. Any actual error in the RFT will be corrected by the department. It also reserves the right to change any information in the RFT before the closing time. Furthermore, its employees, officers and advisors will not be liable for the exercise or failure to exercise this right.Technical and professional abilityThe tenderer (Maverick) should show that they possess technical and professional ability by attaching the credentials (CV) of the personnel who will overview the running of the project to the tender. These abilities include the following: The subcontractor should be qualified to tender for civic or civil projects, thus they should have appropriate financial assets. The tenderer is required to produce a copy of the company registration and a statement confirming the legal entity signed by a practicing solicitor. Additionally, it should show compliance with the building act of 2010 along with building regulations 2011 which regulate building and plumbing (Stevenson & Young, 2013). It also governs the accreditation of the architects, engineers, designers, and building surveyors. The tenderer should note the operators of the economy by relying on the capacity of other entities. Moreover, they must submit with their Tender an undertaking, duly evidenced, from those entities that they will do placement of the necessary resources at the disposal of the Tenderer (Stevenson & Young, 2013).ConfidentialityThe department may require Maverick to execute a deed of confidentiality after or before the access of the RFT if they wish to do so. Most of all, the contents of the RFT should be kept confidential.Communications during the Tendering ProcessAll communications and any questions, clarification or requests relating to the RFT process must be directed to the project manager. In addition, the department may restrict the period during which there will be acceptance of...

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