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Christine was breaking every last rule of being a proper lady in this period of time-at least, that was the thought that came into her mind as she hoisted up the hem of her skirt. She hadn't been on the streets of Paris for months as Raoul hadn't allowed it. Ever since the incident with the Opera Ghost, he had tried to keep her as far away from the opulent opera house as he could.
This was where she began to feel somewhat scandalous. She had run away from her home aided by a housemaid when Raoul had been called away on business matters. Now, as a married woman, she was wandering the streets of Paris under the dim light of the moon without a trustworthy chaperone.
She felt there was a great chance that some drunken man would stumble out of a bar and believe her to be a harlot, a fille de joie. Christine was deathly terrified of being assaulted by someone in this way. She had been through many trials in her past, but she still felt defenseless. In her heart, she was still just a young Swedish girl trying to find her way in the world.
These thoughts pushed her feet to patter against the streets faster. She knew she was close to her destination; she had memorized the way there years ago. Even though she had only left Paris for a months, it felt like years had gone by. Nevertheless, the memory of her path stayed in her mind as if it were burned there.
Finally, her gaze rose up to see the majestic Palais Garnier bathed in moonlight. Every detail was precisely as she remembered it, which managed to surprise her. After much of her life had been altered, it seemed like the opera house should have changed as well.
All at once the memories of what had happened in the past came back to her, making her heart begin to boom as if it were an enormous drum. Christine was now considering turning around and darting straight back home.
But then she reminded herself just how far she had come already, how much time and effort had been invested to getting her to this point. Christine made her imagine what it would be like if she returned home to find Raoul already there and hadn't accomplished her initial goal. This could still happen if she proceeded, but at least she would have done what she had come for.
Taking a deep breath to keep herself calm, she then made her way to the front door of the opera house. Pressing her hands on it, she pushed her way through and entered. Her eyelids fluttered shut without her even thinking about it.
The Palais Garnier seemed to be abandoned at this hour of the night. She looked up to the grand staircase shrouded in darkness, the lights that were all out. There was no rehearsals and no performances, therefore there was no need for someone to be there. But Christine knew she was not alone in the majestic building.
Relying on her memory to show her the way, she began to make her way down to the lake below the opera house. The more Christine allowed herself to think about this the stranger it seemed. There was a lake, an enormous...

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