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Required For Succcess Essay

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Forcing people to do things they otherwise would not, always sparks a debate on whether or not it truly beneficial for the individuals. Prerequisite classes are mandatory, and basically force new students to take them. A hot topic among school boards and education committees is if certain classes should be forced, or recommended. Typical prerequisite classes regardless of major generally consist of a few English courses, some math and usually one specific science. Students consistently complain, and argue against these required classes. They state it is a waste of time, not their major, or even a financial burden. I personally believe in the prerequisite system for its ability to lay the ...view middle of the document...

Next, in order for a student to maximize their education they need to have an acute understanding of the knowledge presented to them. Continuing the example, this time the student enters a college, and directly attends the classes he wants. He takes his higher level economics, and business courses. After a few days he realizes that he does not quite understand all the material, not because it is new. No, instead it is because he never built the skill before to understand the current criteria. Say he is taking a middle level business course, in this course he would be required to understand economic charts, formulas, and algorithms, which he would have learned had he taken the Math class required upon entry. Now stuck in this class he is faced with two problems either continue, and struggle, or withdraw to take the Math class. Either way if he continues, and does poorly, or drops out, his finances could be hit as he has already paid. Now if the student had gone the original route, he would be well prepared for the course as he already attained sufficient knowledge previously for the business class. There is a saying one must crawl before he can walk, the same applies here. Students should be set up for success not failure, and what better way than laying the ground work to forge the path ahead.
It should be well understood a student does not generally attend a school specifically for the general education classes. They may see their benefit in helping them surpass the rigorous journey to acquire that degree or knowledge for their future career. What many students do not realize are the benefits those classes carry on after their schooling is done. A student who went for a business course in college was required to take a few semesters of a foreign language. Perhaps at that time it may not have been very useful, however given time the student, now head of a company, lands a deal with clients whose language he learned. He has now benefitted from those few classes required in college. Some could argue the use of a translator, putting this into an economic stand point that is a cost one could easily avoid, meaning more profit. They may say the prerequisite classes do not have many benefits outside of school, and the example given was a small chance scenario. This is simply not the case. Using the same student this time he lands the same deal with the foreign speaking people, and comes to find out they wish to build a skyscraper. They show him the blueprints before finalizing the deal, after reviewing the plans; he comes to realize the structure cannot be supported based on physics. Which he learned from the science he chose in college. The contractors realize their error, and mend the foundational errors. Another example, this same student was given a large group project, tasked with building some structure with a varying group of individuals. These individuals all have distinct personalities, and many do not wish to work with others. Using the...

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