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Required Physical Education In Schools Essay

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One out of three children in the United States are obese or overweight, while only six states across the United States follow the standards from the National Association of Sports and Physical Education for Schoolchildren (Rochman). While the physical education at schools are declining in the United States because the state requirements for education are putting pressure on schools to increase the class room part and decreasing the physical education. Schools are trying to save money for the core classes math, Science, Language Arts, and History. With that lack of physical activity in schools the childhood obesity is increasing. This is causing many health problems in our youth. In order to prevent the risks associated with obesity, Physical Education should kept schools so that our children aren’t harmed by high blood pressure, type two diabetes, and heart diseases.
Schoolchildren should have at least 150 minutes a week of physical activity. Researchers went around taking a survey on how many schools are following the standards. The researchers found that 4% of six states are strong and keeping up the standard. In comparison, another 17 states and schools have been determined weak by the researchers. Also 24 states and 67% of school districts had no physical education (Rochman). Schools budgets are getting cut, because of this Physical Education is the first to be drop. Schools need to start fighting for the school administration to understand the importance of having the option of being taught the right way as a child to live a healthy life, that will let into healthy adult life.
While schools are decreasing the amount of physical activity, they don’t realize the effects it has on the children. Children need at least thirty minutes a day of Physical Education activity (American Heart Association). Without physical education in schools the children aren’t reaching the thirty minutes a day. When not getting physical activity in everyday it can slowly lead to high blood pressure and cardiovascular disease, but also staying obese in the later adult years.
Required Physical Education classes helps the students develop good exercise habits, and resulting in healthier lifestyles (Hub). When it comes to having good exercise habits, meaning everyday for thirty minutes it helps to prevent obesity and other serious illnesses like heart disease, cancer and diabetes (American Heart Association). When is comes to a healthier lifestyle the Physical Education class can help students burn calories, exercise muscles, reduce stress levels, and improve psychological and physical health. After the children have grown up with the idea of working out and eating healthy food there is 30% chance to be healthy and not obese, but if people don’t end up exercising for the sixty minutes daily as a child and are obese there is a 70% chance that you are going to be obese as an adult (Centers for diseases control and prevention). We need to step in and help our...

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