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Res 341 Final Exam With Instructor Notes

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University of Phoenix OnlineCourse: RES / 341Final Exam(Chapters 9+17 from Applied Statistics in Business and Economics )SOLUTIONPlease mark one answer for all multiple choice questions with RED!Chapter 91. In hypothesis testing, Type I error isA) always equal to 5 percent.B) always smaller or equal to 5 percent.C) the probability of rejecting H0 when H0 is true.D) the probability of rejecting H0 when H1 is true.Answer: C2. In hypothesis testing, Type II error isA) equal to 1 - probability of committing Type I error.B) equal to 5 percent or more.C) the probability to accept H0 when H0 is true.D) the probability to accept H0 when H1 is true.Answer: D3. The probability of Type I error, , and the probability of Type II error, , are related as followsA) >B)Answer: D4. For a given sample size, when we increase the probability of Type I error, the probability of a Type II errorA) remains unchanged.B) increases.C) decreases.D) is impossible to determine without knowing the distribution.Answer: C5. John rejected a null hypothesis in a right-tailed test for a mean at = .025 because his critical t value was 2.000 and his calculated t value was 2.345. We can be sure thatA) John did not commit Type I error.B) John did not commit Type II error.C) John committed neither Type I nor Type II error.D) None of the above can definitely be concluded.Answer: D6. "I believe your airplane's engine is sound," states the mechanic. "I've been over it carefully, and can't see anything wrong. I'd be happy to tear the engine down completely for an internal inspection at a cost of $1,500. But I believe that engine roughness you heard in the engine on your last flight was probably just a bit of water in the fuel which passed harmlessly through the engine and is now gone." As the pilot considers the mechanic's hypothesis, the cost of Type I error isA) the pilot will experience the thrill of no engine flight.B) the pilot will be out $1,500 unnecessarily.C) the mechanic will lose a good customer.D) Cannot be determined without knowing the level.Answer: B7. A study over a 10-year period showed that a certain mammogram test had a 50 percent rate of false positives. This indicates thatA) about half the tests indicated cancer.B) about half the tests missed a cancer that exists.C) about half the tests showed a cancer that didn't exist.D) about half the women tested actually had no cancer.Answer: C8. Which of the following is incorrect?A) Ho is rejected when the calculated p-value is less than the critical value of the test.B) In a right-tailed test, H0 is rejected when the value of the test statistic exceeds the critical valueC) The critical value of a hypothesis test is based on the researchers selected level of significance.D) In a hypothesis test if H0: ≤ 100 and H1: > 100, the appropriate test will be right-tailed.Answer: A9. Which of the following is not a valid null hypothesis?A) H0: ≥ 0B) H0: ≤ 0C) H0: ≠ 0D) All are valid.Answer: CUse the following to answer...

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