Resarch On Use Of Fly Ash And Copper Slag In Concrete

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STRENGTH ANALYSIS OF BLENDED CEMENTMr. A. R. Take Mrs. U. R. Kawade,ME Student Asso.Prof,Dept. of Civil Engg.PDVVP COE, AHMEDNAGAR PDVVP COE, urmilaanagar@gmail.comAbstract: Utilization of industrial wastes or secondary materials has encouraged the cement and concrete industries for more beneficial product generation. Re-cycling of waste materials has great potential in the concrete industry. Over the recent decades, intensive research studies have been carried out to explore all possible re-use methods. Construction waste, blast furnace slag, steel slag, coal fly ash, bottom ash etc have been accepted as alternative methods of replacement of cement and aggregates. Here in this work the materials used are copper slag and fly ash as the replacement materials. Copper slag (CS) is an industrial by-product produced from the manufacturing of copper. It possesses mechanical and chemical characteristics that qualify it to be a partial replacement material of Portland cement as well as fine aggregates. Fly ash (FA) is finely divided residue, resulting from the combustion of ground or powdered coal. It's available in large quantities as a waste product from thermal power plants and industrial plants. The properties of fly-ash contribute to strength gain and improved durability when used with Portland cement. In this work it was experimented that, what performance these two can provide when used collectively in concrete as a replacement material.Fly-ash is used as a cement replacement material where as copper slag is used as a sand replacement material. The specimens were casted and tested for compressive test, split tensile test and durability by acid resistance. Replacement were made for 5%,10%,15%,20% for both FA and CS. And tests were conducted at 28 days. Tests show that best combination is achieved at 5%FA+20%CS. Also an analysis regarding cost benefit ratio with present status is verified and mentioned.Keywords: blended cement, copper-slag, fly-ash, acid resistant test.INTRODUCTIONThe utilization of industrial waste or secondary materials has encouraged the production of cement and concrete in construction field. New by-products and waste materials are being generated by various industries. Dumping or disposal of waste materials causes environmental and health problems. Therefore, recycling of waste materials is a great potential in concrete industry. For many years, by-products such as fly ash, silica fume and slag were considered as waste materials. Concrete prepared with such materials showed improvement in workability and durability compared to normal concrete and has been used in the construction of power, chemical plants and under-water structures.In this work, an extensive study using copper slag has been carried out to investigate the following:1. To find the optimum proportion of Copper Slag that can be used as a replacement/ substitute material for fine aggregate in concrete2. To find the optimum proportion of...

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