Let's Take The Initiative: The Future Of Our Environment

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Let's Take the Initiative: The Future of Our Environment

The environment is a topic that is important to many organizations around the world. There are many ecological issues that concern companies as well as organizations. Corporate social responsibility is a way companies try to manage stakeholder pressure, improve organizational reputation, and increase consumer patronage. Ethical, environmental, and other social initiatives have increased in popularity among CSR stakeholders (Walker, Kent, and Vincent, 2010). Corporate communication regarding CSR and environmental, social and governance issues are mainstream issues that are put on websites. According to Business and the Environment (2010), Hewlett-Packard was praised for its website and Nestle’ stood out for interactivity and ongoing engagement with stakeholders through social media, blogs, video, and discussions of stakeholder engagement initiatives.

The US does not have a CSR plan or policy enacted into law. The US government has over 50 programs from 12 agencies that work toward CSR, the programs covers business ethics, community development, human rights, environmental issues, and labor. The government has implemented policies for the environment, anti-corruption, bribery, and child labor (Freeman and Hasnaoui, 2011). The policies have been enacted to protect both consumers and organizations. Although CSR is not a mandatory law, many companies have implemented CSR practices into their organizations (Jacques, 2010).

Corporate social responsibility is important to companies because it shows the companies care about the environment, the communities they serve in, and the stakeholders. Corporate social responsibility can lead to a positive consumer image, which can lead to possible increase in profits. Corporate social responsibility describes and organizations commitment to fair treatment, over and above the profit for its stakeholders (Lee, M. Fairhurst, A., & Wesley, S., 2009).
If the policies were not enacted some companies might sell faulty products, be dishonest about the company earnings and losses, and pollute the environment beyond the normal standard emissions. The population of the US expects the government to legislate and create laws that intervene with organizations concerning CSR compliance (Freeman and Hasnaoui, 2011).

Environmentalists are concerned with the survival and enhancement of endangered species, and economic freedom is the idea that people own themselves and the property they attain. Environmental restrictions can limit some economic freedoms of corporations and consumers. Companies must be competitive in order to stay in business they must also be profitable. Many companies are ordered to comply with federal and state regulations on the environment, which they argue can affect business. Many companies do not like to implement environmentally products or energy efficient products because the cost involved with implementing with new...

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