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Rescuing Rose, How Saving A Dog Changed My Life.

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A year ago, I saw a picture of the cutest Austrailian Shepard mix on Facebook. The caption read, needs rescue, owners are moving and don't want her to go to the Shelter. Her name is Rose, and she had the absolutely sadest look in her eyes I had ever seen. I should be in to my new house with my bigger yard by then for sure I thought, so I said we would foster her if no one else took her. A month or so later, no one had stepped up to save this beautiful girls life, and my friend from the local volunteer animal rescue asked me if I could still foster her. Our new home (New to us, it is really old actually.) had turned out to be unlivable so we had to stay in our tiny apartment with our ...view middle of the document...

(-20 after windchill sometimes.) Certainly colder then anyone should be leaving living things outside in. I imagined that poor dog sitting in a yard every day sad that the humans she loved so much didn't want her in their den, she was an outcast from her pack and they never ever realized the impact that had on this poor dog. I got angrier the more and more I thought about it, because dogs are such pack oriented creatures, and I understand that.
It took me a while to realize not everyone understands the pack mentallity, some people just own a dog as a guard, or a helper when they are hunting or whatever, but not as part of the pack. A huge part of me doesn't understand how people can not see the soul when they look at the dog, but I do get that people can be like that. It's not a life to them because it can not tell you that it is sad, or happy. For them a dog is a tool, and to that end, it serves it purpose and nothing more. I do understand that people can be this way, but it still makes me angry. I did not understand, looking at this poor broken spirited dog, how humans could do this to such a sweet creature.
Rose and I bonded right away, she took to me like I was going to protect her from everything. I vowed to her that I would, and made the decision that this was now MY dog, because I could not send her out to possibly be mistreated again. That for sure would have broken her spirit beyond repair. For the first few weeks we had her we had to bring her down stairs on a leash, she also refused to come out to eat unless we leashed her. The first few weeks and I knew that I was glad we had gotten her. She took so much patience to work with, and there were times when it was just as frustraiting as dealing with a toddler who didn't want to listen. I imagined that she would have not done so well at the Shelter, since she had already given up in her own yard. This poor dog needed love, and the Shelter doesn't have lots of that going around.
Her food always had to be watered down at first, and she cried when she would have to chew because of the muscle atrophy, and her jaw would swell into a huge lump on the joint. At first we thought she had bad teeth, not really knowing about the muscle atrophy yet. We made her a vet appointment the day we brough her home, since she was 3 and her shots were 2 years out of date, and we wanted her to get a check up since they had let her get so dehydrated. Rob took her to the vet, and the vet actually thought she had a degenerative disorder due to the muscle atrophy, he said we may need to put her on medication and watch it, but it may never get better. They gave her anti-inflammatories for a month, cleaned her teeth and sent us on our way. We started her on those and within a few days she was starting to chew on everything, so we bought her a Nylabone of her very own. By the time we ran out of meds for her, she was chewing great. Her teeth looked great, she was no longer eating water softened...

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