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1The effective use of symbolism is an art form that, when used correctly and effectually, has the capacity to elucidate and depict clear images in the mind of the reader. These imageries portray meaningful expressions the author strives to bring to the attention of the reader. Also known as the theme of the work of literature, these messages bring thoughtful and expressive lessons to light. Through various symbols throughout works of literature such as The Great Gatsby, penned by novelist F. Scott Fitzgerald and Macbeth, notated by the famous playwright William Shakespeare, the authors effectively communicate central themes of their respective pieces.Weather is readily related to emotions evoked in humans. Often, sunshine is correlated to happiness or joy. Dark and rolling clouds and stormy weathered sets a mood of gloom, uneasiness and despair, and rain symbolizes new beginnings and a clean wash of a dirty slate. In both works of literature, the onset of weather and weather changes contain thematic implications to further be analyzed.As presented in The Great Gatsby, the first mention of the weather sets to foreshadow and hint at new beginnings in the lives of two integral characters, Daisy and Gatsby. On this particular date, Gatsby was hoping to rekindle the now dwindling flame between him and his object of affection for the past five years. "…the man who could remain faithful to an ideal love for five years is an odd mixture of pragmatist and romantic" (Seiters). Everyone saw this infatuation as childish and pitiful, yet Gatsby kept hope. Between these two star-crossed lovers were years of lost connection and little hope for meeting again. Despite the doubt for these two, the now wealthy Jay Gatsby managed to devise a plan to meet Daisy again. On the day of Gatsby's extravagant reveal filled with innumerable receptacles of flowers and assortments of delights (Fitzgerald 89), the downpour of the spring rain began (Fitzgerald 88). It had not stopped even as Daisy arrived. At her arrival, Gatsby scurried off into the treacherous downpour only to casually reappear coincidentally. He had been soaked in the rain. The water had dampened every fiber and cloth on his skin, yet he still entered to meet Daisy. The embarrassment of a drenched outfit would not hinder his attempt reignite the passion between them. He was ready for a fresh start. He had wanted a new beginning, a rewrite of his story with Daisy. It is almost as if the rain had washed away the past or anything holding these two lovers apart. As the downpour came and washed away the sediment or any uncleanliness in the environment, it had done the same between Daisy and Gatsby. Years of lost contact and regrets such as not getting married were forgotten. Daisy experienced a release as she finds true love in Gatsby and lets go of the baggage of her husband Tom. Fitzgerald utilizes the rain to depict a second chance at something that failed at first. The rain had wiped their slate clean...

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Research Essay

738 words - 3 pages teenagers are starting to see cosmetic surgery as an option to alter something they do not like. Times have changed and made it more culturally acceptable, and I think it is because of the media. I am choosing to research the influence that the media and peers have on teenagers. Teenagers are still trying to find themselves, and are easily influenced. For example, there is no denying that peer pressure exists. Teenagers are pressured to have sex

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3618 words - 15 pages , food advertisement is one of the most debated and potential factor. At present, children are susceptible to multiple types of media; that are television, computer, game screens, etc. and spend more time in activities that results in interaction with such media. Therefore, children are focal targets for advertisers. Some research has found positive correlation between non-nutritious food advertising and rates of child obesity. In contrast, other


1924 words - 8 pages obvious and has been confirmed during the last century by scientific research according to the American Physiological Society (Bethesda, Md). Poor sleep can cause amnesia and absent-mindedness; it slows down thought process, especially among the elderly and college students (Nordqvist). Sleep is very powerful, it impairs someone’s ability to concentrate and acquire knowledge efficiently; it is more difficult to focus and pay attention (Karriem


670 words - 3 pages It should be noted that there was an improper ratio concerning the number of internal, external and national papers. The research conclusion here are based upon an improper balance of randomly selected newspapers across the United States. From the twenty newspaper articles selected, there were eleven newspapers that were from New Hampshire, one from outside New Hampshire, seven covered all of the United States, and one was a newspaper from


709 words - 3 pages Research Paper OutlineAlthough everybody should help care for the environment, the U.S. government should be responsible for promoting and fostering green practice of natural resources.Individual actions to stimulate and encourage green practice will not happen without government enforcement."Only the right economic policies will enable us as individuals to be guided by self interest and still do the right thing for the planet..." (Wagner 8)"it


2079 words - 9 pages should just focus on whats necessary. One of the many interesting that I have noticed throughout my research is that the Town Of Potsdam and The Village of Potsdam have differing views on what can be down with the land in Potsdam. The public transportation situation of Potsdam is very poor and because there isn't the money for the purchase of buses or trains for people to go shop and because students in potsdam dont have cars the ability to


1346 words - 6 pages work. “Research conducted by Ana Capdevilla shows that student athletes have better study habits and spend less time on leisure activities than non-athletes (“Sport at Competitive Level…”).” Athletes don’t have the time to sit around and play Xbox as much as non-athletes because they have practice and lifting on top of class. Missing class due to competition makes the students get their work done not only on time, but early. Having to get their

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1641 words - 7 pages would halt. Research has proven that relationships in which one or both parties possess narcissistic personality traits are very susceptible to “infidelity, game-playing, and low commitment” (Foster and Campbell). Indeed, these behaviors are precisely what drive Chuck and Blair apart several times in the series. However, viewers will recognize that the instances where either character puts the other person above themselves are the instances where


2135 words - 9 pages , get retribution, and fixing all that is wrong get justice. “Research in this area has suggested that when acts of violence are presented as justified, they may reduce inhibitions that prevent aggressive behavior, whereas unjustified acts of violence do not appear to have the same effect on viewer aggression, and might even inhibit aggressive responses (Berkowitz, 1962; Geen, 1981).” “The Spiral of Violence: Equity of Violent Reprisal in

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8649 words - 35 pages Guide PAGE 2 Writing the Research PaperHandbook and Style GuideEnglish teachers from both Cranston High School East and Cranston High School West prepared this booklet for students learning the fundamentals of research paper writing. Much of the material was gleaned from sources listed on the acknowledgements page. The information chosen is considered suitable to fulfill the instructional needs of the teachers and to facilitate practical use

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960 words - 4 pages According to the American Marketing Association: Marketing research is the function that links the consumer, customer, and public to the marketer through information—information used to identify and define marketing opportunities and problems; generate, refine, and evaluate marketing actions; monitor marketing performance; and improve understanding of marketing as a process. Marketing research specifies the information required to address

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905 words - 4 pages developments that have occurred through biomedical research using animals. Yet, we don't often consider how we benefited from these discoveries or what our lives would be like without them. Because many biological similarities exist between many animals and human beings, scientist can understand complicated human life systems and observe the effects of disease, drugs, and medical treatments on the human body by studying laboratory animals. Such

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795 words - 4 pages . According to Susan O’Hara and Robert Pritchard (2010) technology in the classroom provides multiple opportunities for students to gain knowledge. O’Hara and Pritchard (2010) also reported that research found that positive effects of technology can be seen in the learning of the material and in the use of the technology itself. So given the evidence of technology’s success, why would a teacher not use it? Glenn A. Brand (1997) suggests in his