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The Link Between The Teacher Student Relationship And Academic Achievement

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The teacher-student relationship has been linked to academic achievement throughout a student’s elementary and secondary educational years. This relationship is characterized by “having the presence of closeness, warmth, and positivity” (Baker et al., 2008; O’Connor, Dearing, & Collins, 2011; Silver, Measelle, Armstron, & Essex, 2005). When a teacher displays these characteristics, it enables students to feel safe and secure in their learning environments which in turn empowers the student towards high academic achievement. The following literature review will take ten examples that will show strong support to this hypothesis.
In the article: Academic performance, course completion rates, and student perception of the quality and frequency of interaction in a virtual high school, researchers took 2269 virtual high school students and their teachers, and examined the relationship between the student and teacher. It also looked into if interaction and academic achievement were connected. The program is set up so the student works at his/her own pace. The quality and frequency of interaction had a profound impact on student completion of the course. A huge limitation, to this study, was that the survey was given at the completion of the course for students who e enrolled from February 1, 2008-January 31, 2009. Not all students had completed the course, although the results proved that there is a correlation between interaction and academic success, it did not include all the students enrolled.
Effects of Teacher-Student Relationships
This article discussed the association between positive Teacher-Student relationships and academic achievement. “Positive teacher-student relationships are classified as having the presence of closeness, warmth, and positivity positive teacher-student relationships enable students to feel safe and secure in their learning environments and provide scaffolding for important social and academic skills” (Baker et al., 2008; O’Connor, Dearing, & Collins, 2011; Silver, Measelle, Armstron, & Essex, 2005). “A positive relationship allows the student to feel safe and secure in the classroom environment. This article showed that when students perceive a positive relationship with their teacher, they are more inclined to be motivated and engaged, which is directly related to academic success. “Students who perceive that their teachers have high expectations of their academic achievement are more motivated to try to meet those expectations and perform better academically than their peers who perceive low expectations from their teachers “(Muller et al., 1999). This showed that when students perceive a positive relationship with their teacher, they are more inclined to be motivated and engaged.
The Influence of Affective Teacher–Student Relationships on Students’ School Engagement and Achievement: A Meta-Analytic Approach
This study was based on a meta-analysis by Cornelius-White (2007), that showed academic...

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