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Analysis Of Differnt Types Of Learning Methods

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Learning methods simply mean a person’s natural desired way of take in, managing and memorizing new content and skills. There are three major models that look at the way on how a person learns best including: auditory, visual, and sense of touch. Auditory is when a person learns through conversation such as listening and talking. Visual is when a person learns through imitating such as observing and copying. Sense of touch is when a person learns through physical actions such as movement and touch. Different learning methods are being taught by teachers to teach mathematic skills to 2nd graders in today’s classroom, but only certain learning methods can enhance the learning experience for the students. In the long run, this could help students to build a solid foundation for their mathematic skill and succeed in their future academic school years.
Analysis of Learning Methods
Cover, Copy and Compare (CCC) is a learning method that requires students to look at a correct example such as a math statement and its answer. Then, students cover the example and jot down the example and its answer. Lastly, students check their answer with the example; if the student's answer the example correctly such as matches the example’s answer, the student can moves on to the next example. On the other hand, if the student's answer is incorrect, he or she has to re-answer the example with the correct answer before he or she could move on to the next example (Poncy, McCallum & Schmitt, 2010).
Facts That Last (FTL) is a learning method that promotes students’ understanding of the basic concepts of subtraction. First, students were given a proper amount of math statements to practice on. Then, the teacher teaches students strategies to understand the idea behind the statements, which focus on the subtraction strategies. Last but not least, the teacher aims toward to the students’ understanding of the relationships within math-fact families, which is a group of three numbers that can be formed into math statement in four different ways. By using prior knowledge, students use addition statements to assist the understanding and remembering of subtraction statements (Poncy, McCallum & Schmitt, 2010).
CCC and FTL are both learning methods that combine auditory, visual and sense of touch in students’ activities. The case study compared the effectiveness of Cover, Copy, and Compare (CCC) and Facts That Last (FTL) for improving the subtraction skill of 2nd grade students. It uses a small sample size of students whose are not randomly assigned to the study. However, the researchers used several data bases to examine the outcomes of their findings. Within the two months test period, results shown that CCC succeeded to increases the effectiveness of mathematics skill in 2nd grade students, while the results from FTL did not show any development (Poncy, McCallum & Schmitt, 2010).
Tape-Problems (TP) is a learning method that requires students listen to a recorded...

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