Analysis 5 Gaps In Service Quality

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IntroductionQuality of service has been studied in the area of business management for years because the market is more competitive and marketing management has transferred its focus from internal performance such as production to external interests such as satisfaction and customers' perception of service quality (Gronroos, 1992). Now, the major new element in world market competition is quality.As so in hospitality industry, the service quality is one of the most important thing, to answer the question how to improve the service quality? We should list the problems that we always have relative to the service quality first. Parasuraman, Zeithaml, and Berry (1985) developed the "Gap Model" of perceived service quality."A set of key discrepancies or gaps exists regarding executive perceptions of service quality and the tasks associated with service delivery to consumers. These gaps can be major hurdles in attempting to deliver a service which consumers would perceive as being of high quality" (Parasuraman et al. 1985, p. 44).Five gaps were identified:Gap 1: The difference between customer expectations and managementperceptions of customer expectations.Gap 2: The difference between management perceptions of customerexpectations and service quality specifications.Gap 3: The difference between service quality specifications and the serviceactually delivered.Gap 4: The difference between service delivery and what is communicatedabout the service to customers.Gap 5: The discrepancy between customers' expectations of the service andtheir perceptions of the service performance.Gap 1. Consumer expectation - Management perception gapThis is a gap between consumer expectation and management perception. This gap occurs when management is either totally feels of certain critical consumers expectations or was misreading the importance of those expectations to consumers. At this stage, the management does not know how the service should be designed. They also don't know what the right quality is for the customer.This could be due to several factors such as do not have enough marketing research, lack of getting feed back from consumers. And the management either does not communicate with staff properly or too many levels between the two.As this relates to my job working in Bewleys Café, I have been told when work behind the hot counter, prepare for everything, but fried eggs. The management wants to keep the fried eggs fresh, and stay quality, but the fact is, not many people really care about it; if it busy, even you prepare few of them, always can serve them to customers on time. And the compliant we have got, it is blame us the food served very slow, keep them wait so long. There is balance that the managers have to decide which are important for customers, what they are really looking for.To close Gap 1, it is necessary to establish what is and is not acceptable to the customer by doing market research.Listening to customer complaints, finding out...

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