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Research About Ted Bundy And Social Theory

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I chose to analyze the case of Ted Bundy because when I was in high school I saw the movie Ted Bundy. At the time that I watched this movie I was already interested in going to college and majoring in psychology. I wanted to know why people do the things they do. Going into this subject I find everything about Ted Bundy’s case intriguing. Throughout the course of this class I have learned so many theories and risk factors that explain why criminals do the things they do. I feel like writing about Ted Bundy and doing research on his case could benefit my future career in psychology by gaining knowledge in the field of criminology and all types of risk factors. This could make it easier for me ...view middle of the document...

The Bundy family added four other siblings to the family and Ted would usually be the one to watch over his siblings. Johnnie had tried to grow a father son relationship with Ted, but unfortunately he was never successful in his many attempts so Ted stayed detached from Johnnie. As an adolescent Ted was a shy kid that doubted himself and was extremely uncomfortable in social environments. This causes me to believe that during his adolescent years he may have dealt with antisocial personality disorder this behavior did not carry out into his adulthood. Ted was a very smart and intellectual young man, had great grades in junior high, high school and even in college. When Ted was in high school and college he was very social, popular, handsome, intellectual and charming. Ted attended college at the University of Puget Sound and the University of Washington, he was a major in psychology and tried for law school, but failed at it. Like most, Ted worked his way through school as a bus boy, and a shoe clerk, but Ted could not hold a job for very long, he was not a reliable worker.
Though Ted was not a good worker outside of school, he maintained a very high grade point average in college and was focused on his studies. Soon Ted would meet a girl Stephanie Brooks that he believed was the women of his dreams. Ted would do anything to impress this girl even if it meant lying, which is why she was not as interested in him as he was with her, according Anne Rule (friend) she was his first love. Stephanie was interested in Ted, but after some time when she started noticing his inconsistency and lies that he would constantly feed her, she started to believe that Ted had no future goals; maybe he was immature in her eyes. In 1986 when she graduated from the University of Washington she broke up with Ted and cut all ties with him. Ted never got over the break up; he actually took it very hard, Bundy suffered from extreme depression. During this same time Ted also found out that his sister had been his mother and his parents were his grandparents. This whole situation is what led him to drop out of college; he later went back and got his bachelor’s degree in psychology. Ted Bundy had some spiral down falls in his life, that he probably never saw coming, but all humans experience hardships throughout our lives. Of course we all deal with hardships differently, in Ted’s unique case he winded up screwing up his entire life with a series of criminal acts, killing over 30 women.
To the world Ted is known as one of the most notorious serial killers. Many people will ask questions such as why did he do that? And how could a human being have no remorse for killing any of these women. Well, in the next few subjects I will try to break it down in two theories as to why Ted Bundy did what he did. Of course we can’t understand entirely why a psychopath serial killer does things, but there are some theories that can lead us to believe why a serial killer commits such...

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