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Research Approach And Philosophy Essay

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Research Approach and Philosophy
In discussing the research approach and philosophy one must consider the difference between method and methodology. Methodology refers to the approach utilized for the research and the method refers to the procedure used to carry out the research. Epistemology is the philosophical approach broadly adopted in this research as it amid to describe a phenomena within society or in an environment. Hence in in relation to this topic the phenomena is the trend towards sustainability among businesses in the UK. A relativist philosophy has been applied which provides the foundation for this research and can be best explained according to Mark Easterby-Smith et al, “Many truths exist and a single view can only result from a consensus of these multiple viewpoints,” (Mark Easterby-Smith et al : 2008). This philosophical framework has been selected because the aim of the research is to gain a greater understanding of the common consensus of opinions and attitudes held from luxury fashion customers about their views towards luxury fashion and sustainability. The researcher accepts that many opinions exists however those which comprise the majority are the viewpoints the researcher is primarily interested in.

Types of Research

Research can be classed into three perspectives; 1. Application of Research, 2. Objectives in Undertaking Research and 3. Inquiry Mode (Patton : 2002). Regarding the application of research, for the purposes of this paper, Applied Research has been conducted as opposed to Pure Research. Since the nature of the overall study is to be able to take and apply the principles discovered from the research for future benefit, applied research is more suitable. Pure research tends to revolve more around testing theories and hypotheses, which are not always necessary for practical application (Blaxter, Hughes and Tight : 1996). On the contrary applied research is usually conducted to solve problems or to help understand a trend or phenomenon (Blaxter, Hughes and Tight : 1996). Therefore, applied research is more relevant to the purpose of understanding more about the extent to which country and corporate culture impact on strategic alliances, (Research Methodology : 2012). Advantages of applied research enhances the ability to expand one’s knowledge of their own industry which is imperative for any business owner, (Kumar, 2005).

Consequently, applied research is usually Descriptive. Descriptive research can be defined as: “... Describing systematically a situation, problem, phenomenon, service or programme, or provides information about , living conditions of a community, or describes attitudes,” (Research Methodology : 2012). This research is being conducted from the viewpoint of a situation or a problem where strategic alliances have a high failure rate and thus is important to discover more about the role corporate and country culture plays in strategic alliances, may assist in a solution, (Kumar :...

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