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Have you ever wondered how medicine has progressed throughout the centuries? Medicine has gone from simple herbal remedies to powerful medications for pain and infections. Yet, how is it that physicians know so much about diseases, infections, the signs and symptoms, and the treatment of those diseases? In some cases, unethical medical experiments were conducted to figure out how diseases were transmitted and the symptoms that people would present if they were ill with that particular disease. This would then lead the physicians to observe how the disease would progress from beginning to end without any medical interventions, which often involved letting the person die. Then physicians might ...view middle of the document...

For example, the evolution of smallpox and how the doctor who performed the unethical medical research lead to the creation of a vaccine that would save millions of lives. Throughout the centuries smallpox has killed kings, queens, emperors and millions of people and in the 20th century alone, smallpox was solely responsible for more than 300 million deaths. Besides smallpox outbreaks were highly common throughout the late 1700s and terrorized people throughout the country because smallpox was a very contagious disease and there was no known cure or treatment for it at the time. Only few would survive the painful blisters and fever, but the survivors would be marked with scars. During this time, Edward Jenner wanted to test the country folklore which said that people who caught cowpox from their cows could not catch smallpox. This led Jenner to undertake the most important research of his life, which led to one of the greatest contributions of medicine at the time.
Cowpox is a mild virus that is common among cows. It usually causes weeping spots on the cow’s udders and the people who occasionally become infected with cowpox are dairymaids. But cowpox does not lead to more serious complications like death, such as smallpox does. Sarah Nelmes was a dairymaid who consulted Jenner in 1796, when a new rash appeared on her hand. Jenner had seen cases like these before with other dairymaids so he diagnosed her with cowpox. Mrs. Nelmes case led Jenner to wonder what would happen to people who were newly infected with cowpox and what would happen if they were later infected with smallpox. For his experiment he used James Phipps, an eight-year old boy, who was the son of his gardener. He made a few scratches on James arm and rubbed some of the cowpox that Mrs. Nelmes had onto James hand. A couple of days later, James developed the same sores and blisters that Mrs. Nelmes had, but they disappeared after several weeks. Jenner discovered that newly infected people that did not work with livestock, such as cows, could survive with cowpox without any complications.
Jenner continued to experiment on James, but this time Jenner wanted to test whether or not people who had been infected with cowpox could somehow develop immunity against smallpox. So Jenner infected James with deadly smallpox scabs that he had collected from one of his patients who. As Jenner had hoped James never got sick with smallpox, even after he was infected multiple times throughout his life. Therefore, Jenner concluded that people who have had cowpox could develop immunity against smallpox, which led to the smallpox vaccinations being made and prevented millions of people from dying.
Another example of an unethical medical experiment that led to great results was the Tuskegee syphilis experiment that originally started in Mississippi and was later moved to Guatemala, due to budget cuts because of the Great Depression. The experiment was conducted to study the natural history of syphilis...

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