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The research article by Igor N. Sergeev and Qingming Song focuses on increasing adipose tissue apoptosis with high Calcium and Vitamin D intake in diet induced obese mice. Calcium is a mineral that assists in muscle function, hormone secretion, nerve signaling, and bone strength, recommended daily intake is 1300 milligrams. It is mostly found in dairy and dark leafy vegetables, cereals and juices fortified with calcium help reach the recommended daily intake. Vitamin D is a nutrient that assists the body to absorb calcium, it is a large component of bone strength along with Calcium, it also helps with muscle function, the immune system, and cellular function. This vitamin is found predominantly in fatty fish and fortified foods, however, sun exposure provides the 600 international units which is adequate amounts for most people. Apoptosis, when cells die, creates a process that removes old cells regulating the cell count. Calcium and Vitamin D help with this process of cell discharge, however a poor diet leads to inadequate amounts of these nutrients that slows apoptosis in, but not secluded to, adipose tissue, which causes obesity.
Researchers studied the effect on diet induced obese mice by increasing intake of Calcium and Vitamin D on apoptosis in adipose tissue. The study was composed of four test groups; increase of Calcium, increase of Vitamin D, increase of both nutrients, and lastly the control group. These groups were made up of weight matched male four week old mice, they were “randomly assigned to the experimental high fat diets contain 60% energy as fat (Sergeev & Song, 2014, p. [Page 2])” where as “the normal control diet contained 10% energy as fat (Sergeev & Song, 2014, p. [Page 2])”. The researchers increase the Calcium intake by 1.2% , Vitamin D intake was ten times higher than the recommended daily intake. The experimenters are able to indicate whether the nutrients were causing the effect singularly or if together they caused an increase in apoptosis. During the ten week experiment, “the body weight was measured every 3 days and food intake was measured every day (Sergeev & Song, 2014, p. [Page 2]).” The researches used “a one way ANOVA with t-test (Sergeev & Song, 2014, p. [Page 2])” to compare the groups. The amount of subjects was not addressed which could allow for very large standard deviations. With large deviations the results could seem more...

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