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According to Gibbens, Robert. The Gazette, he states that, past 20 years Dollarama Inc. and chief architect have built 721 unit of national retail chain exceeding $4 billion market value from a small discount store in Matane in Quebec’s Gaspe region. As per the article Rossy open his first store in Montreal in 1992 and was the head buyer besides being the chief executive. “Rossy also innovated on the buying side, cutting deals with the manufacturers, not the distributors that most retailers deal with. He scouted out competitive retailers for items worth $5 and $10 that his suppliers could copy for him to sell for a Lonnie. This enabled Dollarama to offer higher-quality $1 merchandise ...view middle of the document...

The family is proud to present itself with 100 years of trade practice. According to associate mention in the article, it states that Larry Rossy spends almost of his life in trading and his reply to a question about his retire was “No way.” The company reported an increase of 15% sale resulted in $398 million compare to $346 million previous year, which was due to upsurge in number of stores, which added 54 net new stores thus comparatively the sales raised by 4.6% as given in the article.
According to Mills, Carys. Toronto Star [Toronto, Ont] 13 April 2013, profit of $77.1 million was recorded by Dollarama by the end of the 1 quarter in 2013, which was thrashing all the prospects. Mills states in the article that Rossy said the company hasn’t ended mounting yet and he also added a word on increasing its quarterly dividend by 27%. Article mentioned a growth of 19.9% which was $561.9 million sales by the year’s fourth quarter. People are looking rigorously for items sold on discount or lesser price and the scenario still continues according to the passage. Article says that Dollarama is on a process of equipping its outlet by bringing in point of sale scanning and the use of UPC codes moreover allowing the use of debit cards. Rendering to Mills, increasing profit is achieved by concentrating on expanding sales while keeping an eye on it says Derek Dley he also adds about Canadians mentality which would not stop yearning for discounts at Dollarama and other stores. In the article Dley says “I can’t imagine the economy turns and people are willing to go back to paying $4 for wrapping paper instead of a dollar”, he also adds “It’s a very good business model”.
As per the author Ross Marowits. Telegraph-Journal [Saint John, N.B] 12 Sep 2013, although the margin declined due to expansion Dollarama still managed to increase its profit of 20% which is around $59.8 million. And the passage states that 828 outlets of Dollarama mainly concentrated on products costing between $1 and $3 and was successful enough to earn 82cents/share by the end of august 2013, which was comparatively more than 66cents/share in 2012. The sales also boomed 16% to $511.3 million. The passage also mentioned about Dollarama’s share which improved to the heights of $79.76. In that quarter there were 22 new outlets which...

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