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Research Assignment: Cloning 1. What is cloning? Cloning is the technique of creating a copy of a cell or group of cells. There are three main ways to clone a cell; Splitting off a cell from an embryo, the Roslin technique (used for Dolly), and the Honalulu technique. Each way is very complicated and requires a vast amount of research and experimenting before completed. A bill has been passed to ensure that no cloning can be done. The bill also prevents the use of federal money for experimentation of human cells. For years now people have argued over the question "Is cloning acceptable?" and "Should cloning be done?" These questions have arisen many confrontations between the beliefs of religion and science.2. What is the future of cloning? So far, no one knows what the outcome will be for cloning in the future. People can only hope and state their opinions based on their beliefs. Religions state that cloning is unacceptable and morally wrong, while science experts state it can greatly benefit mankind. Both sides prove good points and should both be taken into consideration before making a final decision. Cloning offers a promising future in my opinion. Based on recent surveys, heart disease is the number killer in the United States. Therefore cloning can prove to benefit people greatly if scientists can research and find a way to clone heart cells. Cloning must have its limits; it must not be done to create life itself. Great responsibilities come with cloning, people must not abuse it. If proper restrictions are made, then I see a great future in the world of cloning.3. Who supports it? Who is against it? Why? Many people have many views on cloning. So far there are only two categories of people: those who are with it, and those who are against it. People of Islamic background are generally against it, their religion forbids the act cloning. For others who are against it of religious background, cloning presents a moral question 'Are we Playing God?' Others who are against it believe cloning will...

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2178 words - 9 pages say that they see some sort of genetic problem almost every time they clone and they do not know what is wrong with the cloning process, or why the clones are not normal. “While arguments over the ethics of human cloning have dominated [debates,] these scientists say the real issue is the likelihood that clones would have genetic abnormalities that could be fatal, or subtle but devastating” (Kolata 1). Some animals appear to be normal, but may

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1809 words - 7 pages meddling practice to a halt. Finally, and most importantly, we must always put ethics, morals, and values ahead of our knowledge. If we don’t do this, it takes away from us what it means to be human. The poll taken by CNN1 seemed to focus wholly on the morality of cloning, and why shouldn’t it. When asked the question, “Is it morally unacceptable to clone humans,” 89% of the people said, “Yes, it is morally unacceptable to clone humans.” This


622 words - 2 pages to "reverse the aging process" because of what is learned from cloning (Dr. Richard Seed par.1) Cloning benefits couples who can not have children, as well. People in the gay and lesbian communities can have children because they can clone themselves. People who can not reproduce could have children who are now related to themselves, which they could not do before. Couple who have a high risk for having children with genetic disease


910 words - 4 pages many deformities. Most clones do not even live to be born into this world. Many books have been written about the subject, and even some nonfiction books such as Brave New World where people in the future create babies in labs. Many of the books are written against cloning and stating it is morally wrong and should be banned. "Even most advocates of research agree that reproductive cloning should be banned. Their arguments are strictly

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777 words - 3 pages destruction and death. And although Jurassic Park is only a movie, the outcome of its world was a distopia. The opposing view to that of the pro's to cloning, is obviously that of the con's to cloning, and those con's are commonly also known as ethical issues. So what is the main ethical concern with cloning? Many would agree that the main ethical issue behind cloning is that man is playing life and has no right to potentially cheapen it. Cloning

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1722 words - 7 pages organ for the transplant. This way, more lives can be saved and it will guarantee success as long as doctors perform the procedure correctly since the organ is made from the patient's own stem cells and DNA. Stem cell technology is still in its early stages. However, if we allow the research of cloning to continue we would be able to produce a donor that is a perfect match for the patient or possibly be able to produce organs which will in turn


2728 words - 11 pages cloning)." The Humanist May/Jun. 2000: 39. Dixon, Dr. Patrick. Don't Clone – 3 Reasons. 31 Oct. 2000 Lemonick, Michael D. "Could a clone ever run for President?" Time 8 Nov. 1999: 96. Mayor, Susan. "UK authorities recommend human cloning for therapeutic research." British Medical Journal 98: 1613. Myers, Nichole. Personal Interview. 1 April. 2001. Pavone, Fr. Frank. "What

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702 words - 3 pages continues to make a big effort toward finding a way to implement the technique of nuclear transfer for livestock. Research in cloning is also occurring in primates. The reason for studying primates is the similarities with humans. This all leads us to the use of the techniques with human cells and eggs. Cloning of humans almost is occurring. Scientists are researching by splitting embryos to execute experiments to find data relating to cell

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738 words - 3 pages on human cloning (Ismail, Asif Legislation on Human Cloning).Today the issue of therapeutic cloning is being heavily discussed. By therapeutic cloning, I am referring to a type of cloning research that will possibly lead to the cures of Parkinson's, Alzheimer's and many other intractable diseases. Recently, Senator Orrin Hatch a republican shocked everyone by stating that he is "strongly in favor of therapeutic cloning." He tried to explain to


2103 words - 8 pages a very narrow sense of what human cloning is. Rather than research and understand the scientific aspect of human cloning, they instead take faith in what the media and movies portray human cloning to be. It is from this information source that a majority base their decision on weather human cloning is ethical or unethical. Human cloning is a new challenge for science and that by pursuing it we will become enlightened in who and

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1043 words - 4 pages establishment. According to Christianity, God created everything in the universe, including man, from what was originally nothing. By comparing a scientist conducting a cloning procedure to a God that fashions everything from nothing is not very humble. Cloning requires a previous foundation of some sort. The DNA and the unfertilized egg are pieces that are needed from previous life(Manninnen, 2014). Therefore, life is not being created but rather

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1595 words - 6 pages Many people think that cloning is very bad, but others think it could bring a better world to us. Few people know a lot about cloning. It is defined by the Concise Columbia Encyclopedia as "a group of organisms descended from a single individual through asexual reproduction." (Cohen 10) Some people believe that possibly humans could be cloned. Many apples, grapes and ornamental shrubs are clones. (Cohen 12) When you bite into an apple, you can

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1752 words - 7 pages Cloning: Is there a good side to human cloning? Technology is changing the world as we know it. Not all of these advances in technology are viewed as positive. One of the breakthroughs that has received mixed responses is the issue of cloning. There has been much debate on this topic, and the debate is certain to rage on for many years to come. You may be asking yourself: What is cloning? How can I benefit from cloning? Is cloning legal? Why

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942 words - 4 pages investigating cloning. Embryologists believe that the research could help improve the lives of further generations. "Cancer research is possibly the most important reason for embryo cloning. Oncologists believe that embryonic study will advance the understanding of rapid growth of cancer cells. Cancer cells develop at approximately the same phenomenal rate as the embryonic cells do. By studying the embryonic cell growth, scientist may be able to

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1251 words - 6 pages guarantee that the cloned organ is not going to be rejected or harm the organ host. Cloning defects are still an immense problem and such dangers put an indefinite halt on further research thus researchers and scientist are working on alternative methods of cloning. One alternative method includes creating organs through Biological Scaffolds. This process involves taking a donated organ and stripping it from all its donor cells but leaving behind