Homework: Is It Busy Work Or Really Worth The Time?

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  Everyone at one point in time has complained they have had too much homework. Especially in High School. I was always told homework will help me because it is a way to practice and fully master the material I needed to learn. In high school students spend a few hours a night doing what they see as busy work, meaning they do not think homework is helpful, while some students do not mind the work load. The students may feel doing the problems,writing the short responses, and filling out packets helps them practice and remember the material. The reason why I believe the packet homework should be replaced is because students do not always retain the important information needed to pass tests or to get good grades. A question that has come up is whether assigning packets of homework, that defines specific terms, will help students master material better than assigning less or none at all. Rather than not assigning homework at all, students should be given homework that the teacher can give feedback too, perhaps a few essay questions which require more critical thinking rather than a packet of definitions. The main issues regarding homework come down to whether the type of homework, mainly packets, is the problem and whether or not homework is actually helping students improve their grades and test scores.
  Many students have been given homework packets, which only help them understand specific terms. This type of homework leaves a student feeling unmotivated to complete the assignment or they do not particularly care what they write for the definition so they do not actually learn the material. While this type of assignment may or may not be completed by students in the way it was intended, it is still widely used in classrooms. From my own experiences, I remember filling out packets of definitions, especially for a history or science class. Most of the time I would rewrite the books definition. Verbatim. I did not absorb the information or interpret the material in terms I could understand. Other times I may have felt rushed to finish a packet and wrote definitions that may not have been the correct one to use for a particular word. No matter what the case was, I always received a check or check plus on the packets. The teacher did not give any positive feedback or any evidence they had read what I had written. A few people have shared similar experiences, they simply wanted to receive a homework grade; they did not care if they learned what they needed to.
  In cases like this, students do not learn the material. By simply writing many definitions, or even writing wrong definitions, students do not grasp a deep understanding of concepts or main points of the material. It is understandable that teachers may feel the need to assign a certain amount of homework to their students. They may feel pressure from their administrators and even parents to assign more or less homework. However, assigning easy assignments that lack critical thinking is not...

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