Children Be Aware Of Advertisements Essay

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Children be Aware of Advertisements
Business is always changing and growing just like technology, but is it ever going to stop growing? The answer is no. There are so many important aspects to business; in fact, there are too many to name. Growing a business is no easy task, and the first thing to consider is identifying your consumer, or rather target audience. Selling or buying a product is half of the battle. The other half is identifying how you can expand your product to a wider range of consumers. Broadcasting and advertising your product is so critical to business. Take a look at a commercial for automobile insurance, and how many are advertised on television daily. Children are being targeted more than ever. Let us educate our children better and look out for them so they are not suckered by advertisements and their big corporation pitches. Be mindful of the messages children are receiving through the media.
Use of technology through the media has skyrocketed. People have more access to media through the use of smart phones. Smart phones have changed the way people look at a successful business. Before, people would have to turn on a television, or the radio to hear about a product. Today anyone can go on their smart phone, type in any popular website, and it will list products and services being advertised. For example, you will see advertisements on websites like MSN, YAHOO, BING, and etcetera. In today’s day and age children have a variety of access to advertisements whether that be of products or services. Children already know what product is hot before it even hits the shelves. Children are one of the biggest targets for businesses because they don’t know any better and lack experience. The messages are being sent out by these large corporations targeting children. In other words children don’t stand a chance.
Eric Schlosser explained “Twenty five years ago only a handful of American companies directed their marketing at children- Disney, McDonald’s, candy makers, toy makers, manufacturers of breakfast cereal. Today children are targeted by phone companies, oil companies and automobile companies, as well as clothing stores and restaurant chains.” One of the resources for marketers to bombard kids are through online promotions. Caroline Knorr explains how children’s media is being affected by cellphone updates, product placement, Facebook and twitter. She also is concern that applications like Foursquare gives marketers the inside scope to where a child hangs and shops at.
The biggest change in the last three decades Schlosser expresses companies trying to promote a cradle-to-grave strategy. Companies have come to believe what Ray Kroc and Walt Disney realized long ago a person’s “brand loyalty” may begin as early as the age of two. Take a moment in remembering a mascot figure Joe Camel. Joe Camel was a cartoon figure used to advertise cigarettes. A 1991 study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association found that...

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