Research Essay: “A Hero Can Have A Flaw”

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What makes a hero? Most people will immediately imagine a superhero, unbeatable athlete or noble warrior. Despite their superhuman achievements, they all have something in common with even the meekest people-- a flaw.These flaws give us a chance of becoming heroes ourselves. We are all humans and make mistakes, so their are no chances of a perfect hero. However, if a perfect hero does exist, his or her good qualities may become a flaw in a certain situation. Like a person who sees all good in people is naive and tended to be taken advantage of. So, it is incorrect to conclude that a hero can only be a hero if he or she is without a flaw. In addition, one of the heroes major achievements are ...view middle of the document...

As said earlier one of the major achievements of a hero is overcoming or trying to overcome the hubris. If a hero is flawless than we can no longer relate and understand the hero. Therefore we don’t see the victory or achievement as sweet as with a flawed hero.
Some people will say that a hero should be flawless because heroes “ help assure the rightness of societies values, institutions and actions …. that society’s members will aspire to them” (Peter. R. Stillman, page 2). Having heroes that are perfect or close to perfect will inspire us to strive of being perfect ourselves. However this only a fantasy made by the society. In reality nobody is perfect and a flawless hero will only crush our hopes of achieving something big. Since inside everyone knows that being perfect is impossible, we would give up and not care anymore of being like the flawless hero. Looking at Achilles the greatest war hero, his birth was guided by the gods. His mother made him nearly invulnerable. He was trained in martial skills by the greatest tutors. And the richest princes recruited him while he was still a boy. He seemed unbeatable in every battle, however even he had a flaw. Once on a battlefield an arrow with the help of Apollo pierced Achilles heel—the one spot where he could be killed. His death demonstrates that even the greatest of heroes are vulnerable. These imperfections connect us to the heroes and make society’s members admire them.
A flaw is a fault or weakness in a person's character. Tyler Doohan 9 years old, awoke during a fire and was able to guide 6 family members to safety. When he returned to save his sleeping grandfather he died in the fire. He was a hero with a weakness which was his age, nevertheless in the midst of danger he putted everything on the line to save another person. “..while most children do not yet posses adult capabilities...

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