Research Essay : What Effect Did Frederick Douglass Have On The Liberator Newspaper And What Contributions Did He Apply To It?

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  The Liberator, by William Garrison, and Frederick douglass, a black slave, during the 19th century were things that had provoked the minds of America to become aware of the need to abolish slavery. Frederick Douglass had been known for his leadership in the abolishment of slavery; and The Liberator, a weekly newspaper founded by William Garrison, was known for sending this message about promoting the freedom of the enslaved blacks of America. Having subscribed to this newspaper, it gave him reasons to do the things that he was known for (Russell). It impacted him by making him become more aware of the terrible acts of slavery; it made him have the urge to contribute by helping other’s who were blinded by propaganda to understand the immorality of slavery; and, one of the most important reasons of all of all, it caused him to become one of the most commonly known activists of slavery’s abolition.
  One of the reasons why The Liberator impacted Douglass was because of his need for backup in his fight for the freesom of black slaves, and due to the inspiration that sparked when he had listened to Garrisons speech on 1841, at the Bristol Anti-Slavery Society's annual meeting ("Frederick Douglas 1818-1895."). Since Douglass had been born a slave, he was born with the will to fight for the freedom of African-Americans. Therefore he tried to educate himself by attending abolitionists' meetings and subscribing to Garrison’s newspaper, the Liberator ("Frederick Douglass 1818-1895"). While his involvement with Garrison’s newspaper, he had stated "no face and form ever impressed me with such sentiments [the hatred of slavery] as did those of William Lloyd Garrison." which impressed Garrison enough to mention him in The Liberator. (Russell)
  During the 1800s, people, especially the white people of America, thought of slavery as a “positive good” because slaves depend on their slaveholders; but Frederick Douglass proved that wrong through his work called, Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass, an American Slave and speaking out against slavery. After his interaction with Garrison, Douglass gave a speech at Masachusetts the Anti-Slavery Society’s convention, where he later asked for three years as a lecturer in the Society. His published autobiography, Narrative, had been a succesful book seelling several copies, educating Americans...

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