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Research Evaluation Proposal On Minimum Wage English 102 Research Proposal

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Lovie 1
Ty Lovie
Tad Smith
English 102.008
1 November 2017
Research Evaluation Proposal
1. Question: Would an increase in the federal minimum wage be effective in combating poverty levels in the United States?
2. Criteria: Policy
· Poverty levels in areas with increased wage vs areas without
· Effects on local/small businesses where a wage increase has happened
· Effects on product price inflation/deflation where a wage increase has happened
· Effects on size of workforce in areas of increased wage
· Impact on large businesses vs small businesses
3. Thesis: An increase in the U.S. federal minimum wage would not only be ineffective in combating poverty, but also damaging to the employment levels and small/local businesses. By increasing the minimum wage, we inadvertently and simultaneously drive product price inflation, and force business owners to let go of eployees they cannot afford to pay or even close.
4. Debateable/Complex: The topic of an increase in the United States federal minimum wage can be very fickle and is highly debated as the potential effects are nearly impossible to predict. The call for increase in wages comes from a very harsh poverty line in the United States and an attempt combat it. This has been lead strongly by those that live at or under the poverty line and insist that they require a higher wage to afford the ability to live a more comfortable and adequate life for themselve and their family. It is also argued that the ability of below poverty line consumers to purchase more goods would also boost the economy and boslter the workforce. This stance is opposed firmly by mainly business owners, but also above line consumers and other lower wage workers. They see a potential increase as a risk to the employemnt force, by causing business owners to let go of employees they will no longer be able to afford to pay, decreasing the total number of jobs available to the population. This side also fears that with increased wage, not only will there be a decrease in jobs, but a reactive and dramatic rise in product pricing to accommodate...

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