Research In Clinical Practise Essay

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Research In Clinical Practise

Introduction to Portfolio

The research articles to be critiqued relate to the author’s area of
practice; community nursing and in particular; the cost-effectiveness
of community leg ulcer clinics. The author currently manages a leg
ulcer clinic and an insight into the research underpinning their
cost-effectiveness would be of benefit in her quest to deliver
evidence-based practice in line with the principles underpinning
clinical governance.

Management of venous leg ulcers had advanced considerably over the
last decade. This is due to various factors from greater knowledge of
the aetiology of leg ulceration to more recent developments, such as
dedicated leg ulcer clinics (Dowsett, 2004). However, it is a concern
that leg ulcer clinics are being justified by nurses and organizations
based on uncontrolled studies and narrative accounts (Bosanquet et al,
1993; Fletcher, 1995; Stevens et al, 1997; Thorne, 1998; Audit
Commission, 1999). It has been widely suggested that the establishment
of community leg ulcer clinics could increase healing rates for leg
ulcers and standardise care (Moffatt et al, 1992; Simon et al, 1996;
Stevens et al, 1997). However, research surrounding their cost
effectiveness is extremely limited.

As interest in healthcare research grows, the number of definitions
and explorations of the topic has increased. Most definitions of
research follow a similar theme with the search for knowledge being
emphasised as a fundamental reason for undertaking research studies
(Clifford, 1997). Cormack (2000) defined research as an attempt to
increase the sum of what is known by the discovery of new facts or
relationships through a process of systematic scientific enquiry - the
research process.

Nursing has been striving to become a research based profession since
the Briggs Report (1972) and the lack of apparent integration of
research findings into nursing practice has been lamented consistently
ever since (Walsh and Ford, 1989). As long ago as 1989 the Department
of Health (DoH), in their Strategy for Nursing stated; ‘All clinical
practice should be founded on up-to-date information and research

Practitioners should be encouraged to identify the needs and
opportunities for research presented by their work. Research is
fundamental to achieving evidence-based practice in nursing.
Evidence-based health care aims to promote clinical and cost-effective
care/treatment through the explicit, conscientious, and judicious use
of the currently available best evidence from research to guide
decisions (Sackett et al, 1996).

Recently, there has been an increasing emphasis on evidence-based
practice. The NHS information strategy, the development of the NHS net
and the National Electronic Library for Health all testify to the...

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