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Critiquing research

As a central feature of national research and development strategies, clinical effectiveness emphasizes the importance of rigorous experimental research in nursing (Gillibrand et al, 2002). Research in its broadest sense is an attempt to gain solutions to problems (Clark, 1987). More precisely, it is a collection of data in a rigorously controlled situation for the purpose of prediction or exploration. Nurses must be able to understand the accumulating quantities of research literature in order to apply the results to health promotion and care (Martin & Thompson, 2000).

Evidence-based practice has now become a key phase in nursing and is an issue that requires attention. In the United Kingdom, a recent National Health Service review identifies the need for research to address local clinical practice gaps, which are derived from patients’ needs and perspectives (Department of Health, 1999). Good, robust research is required in order to raise standards of nursing care. Close collaboration between research and practice is vital to the future success of nursing research. Nursing practice is becoming increasingly more evidenced based, it is important that care has its foundations in sound research. It is therefore important that all nurses have the ability to critically appraise research in order to identify what is best practice.

This assignment will appraise the published quantitative research conducted by Grice, Picton and Deakin, 2003); “Study examining attitudes of staff, patients and relatives to witnessed resuscitation in adult intensive care units”. The aimed of this study was to describe perception of medical and nursing staff and patients and relatives in relation to inclusion of relatives in witness resuscitation in adult intensive care units, ICU and there has been little evidence/information available on this topic in ICU. The researchers identified previous research studies and their own finding from literature. It is necessary as it shows the light of existing and previous knowledge and circumstance (Leedy and Ormrod,2001). It is part of the larger study and this research deals with their perception and quality of life, which are not quantifiable elements and they cannot be numerically measured. This has led the authors appeared to claim to be using a qualitative method, it could be argued that as inappropriate to carry out a comprehensive literature review at this point.

Literature Review

The literature review is an overview of previous research and writings on the topic is under study (Ogier, 2002). It is also judgement about the importance, relevance and validity literature. Literature sources is primary sources as a description of a study that was written by the original researchers. There are 25 articles reviewed by the authors. A wide range of relevant journals are used in this article and also included research journals. A journals are more scholarly than the popular press....

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