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A Study On The Perceptions Of Clients, Contractors And Consultants Towards Precast Construction Technology

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1. Response Rate and Category: The main survey questionnaire was personally handed over to the respondents. It was distributed to 50 carefully selected construction industry professionals representing Clients, Contractors and consultants. Completed forms were requested to be collected later. Over a period of time after distributing the questionnaire, 38 responses were received and the composition of the respondents is given in Figure 2.
Fig.2 Response Rate and Category
2. Respondent’s Designation: Most (48%) of the respondents came from the top management level, which is good for an Opinion-based survey analysis. Project Manager (21%) and other middle management personnel (31%) have rest of the share among other designations. This is good for an opinion survey analysis as the respondents are more likely to portray the actually company direction as they are directly involved with design and construction of precast construction technology.
Fig.3 Respondent Designation
3. Respondent’s Experience in Building Construction Industry: Most of the respondents have good experience in construction industry at (63%) whereby they have been in the construction industry from more than 20 years. This is followed by respondents who have experience ranging from 10-20 years in construction industry at 29%. This is a good statistical result as respondents whose working experience is at least 10 years have had sufficient knowledge concerning conventional system which has been practiced and they are able to compare the advantages and flaws of both systems. This is good for the opinion based survey. Fig.4 Respondent’s Experience
4. Respondent’s Knowledge in Precast Construction Technology: More than half of the respondents (58%) have good knowledge of precast construction technology while 21% of them were reported to be having Fair knowledge in precast construction. Some 18% of the respondents have excellent knowledge in precast construction. With more than 50% of respondents who have at least good knowledge in IBS, we can expect that the results of the feedback or views received would be sufficiently reliable.
Fig.5 Respondent’s Knowledge Level
5. Source of Knowledge: The respondents were asked to mention the sources which assisted them to understand precast construction or created awareness about precast construction. In field was the most sought option (38%), followed by Newspaper/Magazine (22%) and Self Study (19%). Only (13%) share is of college curriculum which shows mirror to the level of practical knowledge being taught in our institutions. Rest is Advertisement by private construction (7%) and Government Advertisement/Promotional programs (1%). It is quite evident that both Government and the precast manufacturers have failed to create awareness about precast construction.

Fig.6 Source of Knowledge

6. Perception of Precast Construction Technology:

6.1 Advantages of Precast Construction Technology:
As seen in the...

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