Research In The Area Of Information Security At Corporate Websites Including The Role Of "Privacy Seals"

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Research in the area of Information Security at Corporate Websites including the role of "Privacy Seals"The moot question that needs to be answered before one starts the analysis of research in the area of web security is to gauge the importance of electronic commerce. Electronic Commerce has taken the world by storm and is perhaps the fastest growing frontiers in the business arena. The sheer statistics tells a story that is often untold and unseen. The concept of 'the world is a small family" and business and commerce is trans-national is no longer a myth but a stark reality.Here are a few numbers in support of the above statementThe number of internet users in 1998 was 160 million, in the year 2002 this number saw a mammoth increase and the new estimates are placed at 544 million in the year 2002. The Gartner Corporation estimated the size of the e-commerce market at about 7.3 billion dollars for the year 2004 as compared to the motley figure of 145 million dollars for the year 1999.Details referenced from "The impact of customer trust and perception of security control on the acceptance of electronic commerce"- Suh and Han]What role does the company's website play? From an advertiser's perspective, the importance of a website stems from the fact that it is often the last link in the hierarchy leading to the sale.[Source: "What do customer consider important in B2B websites"-]Having said all this we must add that E-commerce is still in the nascent stages primarily because of the consumer's primary concern about security and privacy on the internet. Suh and Han draw their conclusions based on the research they conducted. A web survey of 502 internet banking users was conducted by them Statistical analysis using the SEM model was usedOne of the key issues that were raised as part of this research is that most customers are reluctant to dole out information that contains sensitive details. Conformability level is much higher when it comes to the dissemination of general information. Drawbacks in the e-commerce internet and e-commerce security do exist but it has more to do with customer distrust of such measures. Publicity of much hyped security breaches like password security breach at Microsoft's Hotmail and the denial of the service attack at Amazon's homepage.Jenny C McCune has identified the following issues on privacy in her article "Big Brother is watching you". McCone is one of the prominent researchers in the area of Technology and has contemplated on various issues that relate to the area of e-business and e-commerce.*Spam or unwarranted e-mail that tends to clog the e-mail*Cookies that help the Websites track your computer and what you as a user is interested in*Often firewalls are breached and sensitive banking and other financial information is stolen and misused.*Data archival is perhaps one the greatest issues that haunt users of e-commerce. Often information that was earlier given might be used out of context at a later stage...

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