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Sports are very important though. It’s what helps some students get into college and earn scholarships. Not only do sports provide students with financial support, but so do jobs. Job hours are oftentimes long and inconvenient, and people can’t cover for others all the time, so when employees have a lot of homework on days they work, it’s very strenuous for them (Kelley).
Other advantages students get is academic scholarships. Being able to achieve them though, one needs time to do their homework and have the motivation to put effort into it, but how can they do so when they have so much homework and still need to attend school, work, and sports? Even sleeping is obligatory. When students stay up late doing their homework, they don’t put all their effort in because they’re exhausted (Kelley). Teenagers need at least eight and a half hours to nine hours of sleep every night, and unfortunately, too much homework causes lack of sleep. Students, who don’t get enough slumber, can easily develop sleep deficit, which affects everything from a student’s ability to stay focused in school to their mood. Sleep is what keeps a person physically and mentally healthy (Nemours). The National Sleep Foundation has proven that students who don’t get enough sleep cannot concentrate, learn, or solve problems as well in school (Kelley), so lack of sleep clearly leads to poorer grades (Nemours). Not only that, but sleep deprivation makes it tough getting out of bed in the mornings for school, and it’s also dangerous to drive when the driver is exhausted (Kelley). Over twenty five percent of high school students fall asleep in class according to the National Sleep Foundation. Homework overload is not worth this. There needs to be a decrease because sleep is a huge necessity (Nemours).
People need to be aware of how much homework there is. A perfect example would be demonstrated in Florida. One big issue in Florida is new homework guidelines. In the Palm Beach County School District, teachers have the opportunity to give fourth and fifth graders ninety minutes of homework every night. This is a huge eye opener. It’s absurd, and bringing this idea up makes many, many people mad, especially parents. People in favor supported the new plan because they believed it would result in higher grades. They just didn’t think ninety minutes was that long for elementary school students, and thought working on different assignments would make homework so attention-grabbing, kids won’t even notice time elapsing. How do they know fourth and fifth graders would be interested in doing all the various assignments at home? They already spent about eight hours learning the material at school, why must they spend another hour and a half reviewing all of it (Goel, Michael Tobin Anuva)?
People in favor also agreed that many kids would enjoy doing the homework because it involves a favorite pastime – reading. If this is true, then let kids read what they want on their own time. It shouldn’t...

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