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Research Junior Theme Essay

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Their Eyes Were Watching God was written by Zora Neale Hurston and published in 1937. Hurston's book guides us through character Janie Crawford’s hectic journey while taking place in the 1900s. The story starts out with Janie, a middle-aged black woman, returning to her hometown in Eatonville, Florida. Her surprise visit gets the town talking. They wonder where she had gone, what she was doing, and why she was gone so long. Janie’s friend, Pheoby Watson, visits Janie to find out what happened. The conversation that they share frames the rest of the entire book.

Janie begins her story explaining that her grandmother raised her because her own mother ran off. Janie’s grandmother worked ...view middle of the document...

Joe Starks becomes the mayor of the town, taking charge of everything that happens around him. Joe starts hiding Janie away from the common life seen in the town, and Janie is upset with him for not letting her be included in the everyday life around town. Joe shapes Janie into what the mayor’s wife should look like, but Janie has other goals and dreams.

Joe and Janie’s marriage falls apart as they reveal their true selves to the town. Soon, Joe becomes quite ill. Janie’s final words to Joe on his deathbed are full of hatred because of how he treated her after all the years they spent together. After Joe passes away, Janie finally feels free. A young man named Tea Cake enters Janie’s life, and they fall passionately in love with each other. Janie leaves behind her previous life centered around Joe to go with Tea Cake to Jacksonville. They experience many difficulties at first being with each other, but they cope and move to the Everglades. Awhile into their marriage, a hurricane invades the Everglades where they live. In midst of fleeing, Tea Cake gets bit by a rabid dog. Soon after, he becomes very ill. Tea Cake becomes convinced that Janie is cheating on him, and he aims a gun at her. In...

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