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Research Marketing Application For The Industry Of Coca Cola

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Friday 19 May 2006Research marketing application for the industry of Coca-ColaCoca Cola was unquestionably the most famous fizzy dink in the market early 1886. It is the resplendent symbol of commercial industry. Once the Coca Cola managers understand its internal and external position in global market, it will motivate managers having an idea of what the customers need. Because of this, they can easily develop a marketing strategy. However, Coca Cola is also in trouble due to there are new competitors in market. According to the Guardian Newspapers Limited 2005, Pepsi is well known as the drink influences to the market as well as Coca Cola. In this case, Coca Cola's manager figure out the marketing required to develop. First of all, we analyses the Coca Cola internal business environment. Obviously, we should be able to understand of Coca Cola strengths, weakness, opportunities and threats. In term of marketing audit, these processes are contained in SWOT analysis.
Market leader, share market
Coca Cola's expertise
High quality of goods at low cost

Lack of activity to forecast to adapt business
Cost of production

New productions in market
New market in other countries
Develop communication

Competitors: Pepsi…
Changing in government regulation
Saturated market

- StrengthsIn respect to Coca Cola's strengths, the consumers can valuate how important is Coca Cola in their buying habit. In facts, the super-markets can not serve customers without soft drink such as Coca Cola. Therefore, the Coca Cola market value has increased from approximately $6.7 billion to $55 billion over last ten years. People dink Coca Cola due to convenient reasons and comfort every ages. For instance, they can buy it any time in the vending machines which are set up in school, or public place. Further more, this drink seems to be always having good taste with sandwich, chips, snack…Somehow, those foods are also common buying habit in market. On the other hands, Coca Cola reach to the consumer's habit. The company already grows up net income around 15%-20% per year in 1997 and beyond. In case of market share, Coca Cola accomplished nearly 45 percentage of worldwide market share. Owning to the company invested international market, so it can expand the massive potential to soft drink in nearly 200 countries.. At the Coca Cola Company, they know how to motivate their employees in order to create the loyal to the company. The company aware of the most inclusive brand name in the world, so they are trying to focus on inclusive workforce. As the customer's expectations, the company always looks forward to produce more products in long term business. The experts tend to look after the customer's health over the new products realized. In this case, they invest in testing system and facilities. Obviously, a system mechanism can completely process recycle activities. They began upgrade the system in around 1979 in...

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