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Research Methodology On Natural Language Processing

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Research methodology on Natural Language Processing:
The main aim of this project is to research on the integration of “Natural Language Processing “ and information systems engineering to enhance query retrieval in natural language processing.
Defining a research methodology:
The definition of research methodology includes two parts:
- Research definition
- Methodology
It is defined as a thorough and organized query or investigation on a particular theme to revise or determine the facts, theories, applications and so on.
It is a system of methods followed by a particular discipline.
Thus, research methodology is the way how a researcher performs research.
Uses of research methodology:
There are many applications of research methodology. The research methodology gives the complete description of a particular theme selected by the researcher. It includes many techniques based on the behavioral events and actions. It includes primary sources and secondary sources of data to provide the correctness of information. The techniques include
- Qualitative research
- Quantitative research
- Action research
- Descriptive research
- Ethnography and so on.
The type of research depends that the researcher uses. The current research methodology used in this NLP is Qualitative research which is discussed later. The researcher will analyze the data by using the information collected and interpreting the data. Some research methodologies include:

Descriptive research:
It is assessed based on the percentage of the availability of the variables used in the research. It complete gives the data analysis later. It is based on the predictions made in the research and the product features.
Action research:
Action research is an inquiry of research in the available set of efforts that are focused to improve the quality and performance of the firm. It is typically designed and conducted by researchers who analyze the information to improve their own practice. It can be performed by team or individuals.

The important goal of this research methodology is to realize different features and technologies to enhance query retrieval in information systems. It includes the complete report of its definition, procedures with clear explanations, various techniques involved in it, the issues associated with it utilized for natural language processing. The various phases of this project is explained by depositing together different issues and definitions. As a result, it considers some of the selected techniques to fulfill the research such as a collection of different case studies, secondary data and the live videos along with results and conclusions. Additionally, it involves the results of literature review for deeper understanding associated with the research.
Definition for “Natural language processing”:
In general, natural language (NL) is a language that is utilized by humans. It does not resemble like...

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