Research Methodology Report

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Research Methodology Report

My themed research project will centre its focus upon the link between Riot Grrrl and its relation to Third-Wave Feminism. Primarily I aim to analyse Riot Grrrl’s music scene, but also its subculture mentioning its DIY punk ethic, political activism and most importantly its influential Zine network. However the purpose of this report is to demonstrate a grounded understanding in three research methodologies and how I will apply each one in regards to my own project. Firstly I’ll investigate the advantages of an Instrumental Case Study, looking at how it proliferates, rather than narrows a given field of study. Secondly I will delve into Symbolic Interactionism referring to some influential figures involved within this methodology, as well as providing an example in regards to my own topic. Finally I will clarify the subtle difference between Text Linguistics and Discourse Analysis, concluding as to why I have settled upon the latter in my own research.

One qualitative method of research I will employ is a case study. The aim of my case study is to highlight the key components of the Riot Grrrl movement in the 90s. Thomas defines a case study as;

‘An analysis of persons, events, decisions, periods… in which a study is conducted and the case is illuminated and explicated." (1)

With the Riot Grrrl movement of the early 90’s providing my case study’s analytical time frame I will be able to amass a detailed collection of contextual analysis on some of the formal, behavioural, sociological and ideological factors that paved the way for third wave feminism. However I must stress that my main purpose is not to define Riot Grrrl (a task that is almost as futile as trying to generalise the Third-Wave under one all-encompassing feminist idea) but rather to determine how the issues raised by Riot Grrrl contributed to Third-Wave Feminism’s ideology as a whole. With this in mind I will aim to use the movement as an Instrumental Case study. Theorist Stake offers the following definition of this form of research explaining that an instrumental case study presents the case as a subject of secondary interest, and one that plays a supportive role to assist the understanding of something else. (2) Ultimately with the aid of my case study I can focus on the characteristics that defined the Grrrl movement and extract the key information from that era in relation to my question. Finally I must explain that I do not solely believe Riot Grrrl to thoroughly represent third-wave feminism, but rather a smaller part of a much greater collective.

With regards to researcher Fredrick Erickson, the most distinctive feature of case studies and other methods of qualitative enquiry are there emphasis upon critical personal interpretation.(3) With this in mind I aim to be able to not only record data objectively but to simultaneously examine its meaning and draw upon my own conclusions. This can be of crucial importance when studying...

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