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Gender Differences And Behavior In Schools

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What “area” have you chosen as the focus for your level 6 research project, why do you think this is worthy of research?
My level six research project will be looking into behaviour in schools; this will also carry an element of individual and, correspondingly, gender differences. This is worthy of research as even though there has been a vast amount of research completed already, about behaviour, this specific topic is somewhat less researched. Saying this, it is important to note that this specific topic has been researched previously, and that the only way it can be seen as a less researched topic is when it is compared with wider educational research. This is due to the colossal amount of educational research that has been undertaken and published already. As Bates and Lewis (2013, p.21) say, education’s “nature is a highly contentious subject and one that has challenged philosophers and scholars since the time of Plato.”

What is your proposed title of your research project and what are your proposed research questions?
The proposed title for my research project is: ‘How attitudes towards learning differ in a Key Stage One classroom’. This will be an investigation into how different pupils attain different attitudes when it comes to learning in class. The project will also include three research questions:
1) What attitudes towards learning are prevalent in a Key Stage One classroom?
2) Why are these attitudes displayed? What is motivating them?
3) What effect have these attitudes had on student performance?
These will structure the research project into asking what is happening, why is it happening and what outcomes can come of it. Alvesson and Sandberg (2013, pp.2-3) promote this method of constructing research questions and also recall Starbuck’s (2006) advice that, in order to keep research questions original and interesting, it’s important include “various disruption tactics, including ambitions to take other views than the one favoured one into account”.

Identify three key texts relating to your research area and briefly state how these are relevant to your research?
Three texts that I have read in order to gain more knowledge in my proposed field of research are:
1. Doing Your Research Project: A guide for first-time researchers in education, health and social science (Bell, 2010). Throughout undertaking my research project, this text will become an invaluable source of knowledge that will help keep my research focused and interesting.
2. Overcoming Disadvantage in Education (Gorard and See, 2013). More specifically to my area of research, this text clearly outlines how coming from a disadvantaged background can have an impact on attitudes towards learning. An example, in chapter eleven, relates to how the parents can become a negative influence in their child’s education; this is often due to their own beliefs and opinions on education and, potentially, also due to them not attaining much educational achievement when they were in...

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