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Research Methods Critical Evaluation Of Stmc Male Students' Buying Behavior On Men Skin Care Product

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INTRODUCTIONMore men than ever are interested in taking better care of their skin & a simple daily ritual of cleansing & moisturizing will keep skin & hair looking healthy. Men in this new century are increasingly aware and concerned about the health and appearance of their skin. Although they may be increasingly aware of how to care for their skin, some factors may be preventing them from doing so. And most of them think skin-care is a mere afterthought. Beyond the world of shaving their faces, it is rare for a man to devote time to his skin, especially his face. However, proper skin-care is essential for the present and the future.Nowadays, students become an important consumption group recently. Their expenditure is growing day by day, so it is significant to research the buying behavior of them. Recently many male university students begin to care on their skin greatly, especially to the ones in STMC; 'Skin-Care' becomes more popular in students' lives. Thus, the research would critically evaluate STMC male students' buying behavior on men skin-care product.TitleCritical evaluation of STMC male students' buying behavior on men skin-care productObjectiveThe objectives of the report were(1) To describe STMC male students' buying behavior on men skin-care products;(2) To find out the trends of STMC male students' buying behavior on men skin- care products;(3) To prove that higher level the male students are; the stronger buying power they have;(4) To prove that higher level the male students are; the more attention on brand they pay.Initial HypothesisDifferent level has different buying behavior, and the higher level the male students is, the stronger buying power they have.LITERATURE REVIEWThe Concept of Buying BehaviorJagdish et al (1999) define customer buying behavior ad the mental and physical activities undertaken by household and business customers that result in decisions and actions to pay for, purchase, and use products and services.Factors Influencing Buying BehaviorThere are three major factors influencing customer buying behavior.PersonalPhysiologicalSocialPersonal is Unique to a particular person. It belongs to Demographic Factors, such as, Sex, Race, Age, etc. Somebody in the family is responsible for the decision making. Young people purchase things for different reasons than older people.Psychological factors include: Motives, Perception, Ability & Knowledge, Attitudes, Personality and Lifestyles.Social factors means that consumer wants, learning, motives etc. are influenced by opinion leaders, person's family, reference groups, social class and culture.Men's Skin-Care MarketACNielsen, a famous market research organization claimed that: 'With the development of the economy and the whole skin-care cosmetics market, the consumption power of men has becoming stronger than before (Chinajilin, 2006).There is a big gap between different brands' pricing. The pricing of some famous brands are higher than those common...

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