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Research Methods For Practice (How Myocardial Infarction (Mi) Affects The Quality Of Life Of Patients.

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Research Methods for PracticeHow Myocardial Infarction (IM) affects the Quality of Life of Patients.The aim of this essay is to provide the writer with an introduction to the theory and practice of research in Health and Social Care. First and foremost the writer will choose a topic to conduct a thorough review of the literature, by using up to date database. Furthermore, the writer will aim to critique the literature in terms of reliability, validity and relevance.In conclusion the writer will comment on implications for future practice and personnel developments.The literature review focuses on 'How myocardial infarction (MI) affects the quality of life of patients, who have being discharged from hospital'. In search for the literature two databases were searched CINAHL (1995 - 2001) and MEDLINE (1990 - 2003). Keywords concerning myocardial infarction, quality of life, spouses, general practice information and hospital discharge were searched for. Various combinations of these keywords produced different sets of papers, which were screened for relevance by reading abstracts or titles. Only papers reporting original data were included.The writer will be critiquing five pieces of literature, four qualitative and one quantitative as posed in the table (Appendix 1). Before critiquing research Hek et al (2002) stipulates that it is important to recognise that critiquing does not necessarily mean being negatively critical. Critiquing is more about looking for strength and weakness in a study in light of the reader's knowledge and manner in which the research has been presented.The writer's interest in this area developed whiles on a branch placement on a Coronary Care Unit in one of the teaching London hospitals. Being allocated patients and caring for them holistically, most patients voiced some psychosocial problems, which might affect them after discharge. One of the problems was the fact that they had lack of information about their illness from health care professionals. In retrospect, this sometimes caused problem discharges especially those who lived alone.According to the British Heart Foundation (BHF, 2002) myocardial infarction is sometimes called a heart attack or coronary thrombosis.Having reviewed all five articles (1, 2, 3, 4, 5), the writer found the titles to be informative. Blaxter et al (1996), states that a good title has about 10 - 15 words, which indicates the specific focus of the research.Again all five titles indicated the context and approach used. This is vital, as Parahoo (1997), stipulates that research titles should provide a clear and unambiguous statement of the topic under investigation.Looking at the articles, all the authors appeared to have appropriate academic qualifications to conduct the research but none indicated to have any specialised qualification in cardiology.The main aim posed by all the researchers in the articles was to explore factors, which affected the quality of life of patients who had been...

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