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Research Note Essay

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In this article, a sixteen year old boy, Adrian Navarro-Canales, is accused of stabbing his mother and brother in Las Vegas, Nevada. Navarro-Canales is suspected to have killed his mother and brother with a butcher knife in their apartment. After the killing, Navarro-Canales took off out of town to get away because of his actions. After police discovered the bloody bodies in the apartment, they launched a manhunt to find Navarro-Canales that extended to the U.S. - Mexican border. About a week later, they found him in a strip mall nine miles from the apartment without him resisting arrest. Police believe that the killings happened on September 17 after they celebrated Navarro-Canales’s ...view middle of the document...

Racial disparity in our criminal justice system today is shocking and is a massive problem. It is known that minorities of America go to prison more often than white Americans. The thought of all these facts out in the public about our criminal justice system having racial disparity is a horrible feeling, but it’s one of many problems that America deals with today.
Criminologists have observed and reported that racial disparity is in our criminal justice system. They have said that there is more weight on evidence indicating that minorities are a consequence of more criminal behavior acts. Police officers decline that they are prejudices or racists, but looking through the arrest data contradicts what they say. There is a substantial difference between minority arrests and white personal arrests. This first article mostly talks about racial disparities early criminal justice involvement. After criminologists investigated the racial differences with police officers have contact with, they found out that minorities are more likely to be arrested then whites by tenth grade. Youth from poorer minority families are more likely to be arrested, even though there are many white families around in that same neighborhood. There are more likely to be more police officers present with surveillance where minorities live, go to school, and work. With that being said, we argue that minority youth are more likely than white youth to come to the attention of the police. There are reports that say that minority families are segregated to neighborhoods where they are more likely to experience criminal victimization. That makes police departments focus more on those neighborhoods, which puts the minorities are a greater risk of police contact and being arrested than whites with the same attributes.
My second article that I found about race disparity is on disparity in sentencing. According to Kevin Blackwell, there are three disparity studies that stand when dealing with offenders’ sentences. The three disparities are race, ethnicity, and gender. They all have a significant effect on the sentences including the sentencing decision, which is improper use of discretion. Blackwell pointed out that racial differences are small compared to gender differences. “Minorities are sentenced to approximately two months more than White offenders, while male offenders are sentenced to twelve months more than female offenders.”(2) These researchers found an unexplainable disparity in sentence length between minorities and whites....

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