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Overview of Intelligent System:Intelligent systems are systems that have the ability to emulate humans. These systems can perceive, reason, make decisions, and act. These systems can make a machine or device to anticipate requirements and deal with are complex, unknown, and unpredictable environments.Intelligent systems were initially developed to help in manufacturing, mining, and forestry. The use was meant to reduce risk in routine and dangerous operations, which also helped in improving productivity, quality and safety.Components of Intelligent System:The Intelligent system involves the following:1. Sensors2. Artificial Intelligence.3. Robotics.4. Human-machine interfaces.In brief various components of an Intelligent System can be divided as follows:1. Sensing and Vision Systems:This contains sensors that support robotics, process control, vision and other intelligent systems. These sensors may be of many types:- Proximity sensors are used to avoid collision and to facilitate close-proximity operations.- Tactile sensors facilitate the manipulative capability of robotic arms and end-effectors. These sensors may be sensitive for moisture, pressure, flow and temperature- Image-capture sensors capture visual data and may utilize lasers, infrared and spectroscopic technologies.Remote sensing technologies are used for collecting image or other forms of geographic data. These are routinely used in the fields of, oceanography, geology, agriculture and forestry.2. Artificial Intelligence (AI):AI is the science and engineering of making intelligent machines, especially intelligent computer programs. Expert systems contribute to intelligent systems allowing human expertise to be captured and used to aid the decision-making process. This area of research also includes intelligent systems work related to databases, distributed databases and agents, reasoning systems and intelligent agents. Process-control systems make use of intelligent-systems technologies to optimize manufacturing processes.3. Robotic Systems:Robotic systems perform physical activities similar to human abilities. The technologies involved in developing these systems depend on machine vision, sensors, and knowledge-based software.With evolution of technology, robots have become more useful in unpredictable and dangerous environments such high temperature, radiation etc. These can also be used in ultra-clean environments such as in production of microchip and in pharmaceutical companies where humans are undesirable.The use of robotics is seen in materials handling, painting, spot welding, metal working and machining, continuous path welding, electronics assembly, and clean-room manufacturing/semiconductor production.4. Human-Machine Interfaces for Intelligent Systems:Intelligent systems complement human abilities therefore a human-machine interface is an integral component of many such systems. The interface is built around knowledge representation and interactive visualization software....

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