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Study Of Yanomami Culture: Day In The Field

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In my day in the field, I will be writing in the point of view of the person filming Professor Chagnon, as well as pictures while he does his research on the Yanomamo. I am a resent male graduate with a major in filming and major in anthropology helping Professor Chagnon in his studies. For this trip, we will be focusing on the Yanomami warfare, and violence within the village to give us a better understanding on their culture, and why the resort to raids and violence. It will be taking place during the spring, and we will mainly be discussing with the men.
B. Sources
Chagnon, N. A. (1968). Yanomamo: the fierce people. New York: Holt, Rinehart and Winston.

C. A Day In The Field
I look up to Professor Chagnon I admired his dedication to studying the culture of the Yanomamo, when he invited me to join him on one of his trips to film his research, I was over joyed and nervous. Professor Chagnon warned me of the possible dangers that could happen while we were with the Yanomamo, since our main focus on this trip is to get a better understanding of why raids and violence accurse, and what it tells us about the Yanomano and their culture.
It is nine in the morning, Professor Chagnon informs me of the information and data we hope to collect today, the three main forms of violence that accrue in and out side of each village, “chest pounding, side slapping and club fights” (Chagnon, 118) Professor Chagnon instructs me to follow him with the camera and film equipment. The Professor stops as he watch’s two men pounding each others chests, I begin preparing my camera to talk a photo when a friend of Professor Chagnon come’s over to say hello Professor Chagnon greets his friend an introduces me, Professor Chagnon as his friends what they dueling for. His friend explained they were hopefully creating friendship, he said that we would find out soon enough and leaves to continue on with his day. We watch the two men as I prepare my camera again, Professor Chagnon then explains to me that chest pounding “usually takes place between the members of different villages and are precipitated by such minor affronts as malicious gossip, accusations of cowardice, stinginess with food, or niggardliness in trading.” (Chagnon, 118) I look back at the men and take a picture of them hugging. Professor Chagnon smiles and walks up to a man sitting with what looked to be his granddaughter, looking through his hair. Professor Chagnon, talks with the older gentleman, while I take phones of what the little girl was doing, my stomach turned a little at the scars on the mans head. The man explained his granddaughter was getting rid of any lice on her grandfather’s head. Professor asked the man how he got his scars, the man explained he got them in a club fight. Club fights can accrue at anytime either “within or between villages.” (Chagnon, 119) A majority of the time it is because men are fighting over a woman. The old man then continued and asked Professor Chagnon if he...

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