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Research On A Career In Computer Animations

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I’m researching a career in computer animations. The reason is because I like video games and that is one of the many things computer animators do. Also there are a lot of career opportunities. The career has been around for a while. The movie and entertainment areas started a few years back, but the area that I want (video games) started with pong. Back then all games were arcade but then the Atari 20 was invented and that made room for future consoles like the Xbox 360, Play Station 4, and the Nintendo 3DS.
Today about 79,000 people work in computer animations, and is estimated that about 90,200, give or take, will work in computer animations. These people work in a variety of forms of ...view middle of the document...

If you work in this field it is not required to have a good personality, however, it is very helpful. For example it can leave an impression during your interview for the job. Also it will help you make friends with your fellow workers, doing this will increase your chances of getting help when you need it. Plus working with people how hate your personality will suck if you work with them for months on end. Most jobs in this field will require at least some experience with other companies. However there are some companies and work places that will hire you strait out of college. As far as aptitude goes I’m not entirely too sure. As I’ve said earlier in this paper, you need at least a bachelor’s degree but your chances of getting the job are dramatically increased with a masters. If you want to see computer animations at its best (in my opinion) watch Pacific Rim~ or Lord of the Rings*. Both of these movies wouldn’t have been possible without computer animators using CGI to make a massive siege* or a giant robot fighting a giant monster~. Your chances of getting a high a high job straight away are really low, unless of course your resume is just that good. So you go in present your resume and expect a low position. Do this and you’ll be better off trust me. My education plan would be to find out as much about this career as I can. Also I’ll have to start improving my computer skills so that I have enough skill with a computer to be a decent computer animist. Another thing is that I need to find a way to get a scholarship so I can have the expanses to go to college to get my degree. Also I need to improve my grades so that I can get accepted into college. If I was to go to a post-secondary school it would probably be Texas Tech University. There are no armed forces training required for this job, however, you can join the armed forces to help pay for your training. Scholarships are used often. You can get one from all kinds of things like football, basketball, track, band, one act play, or even volleyball. As for apprenticeship you might be able to find an internship at one of the main companies.
Architecture visualization is one of the carriers that I found that are similar to the career path that I have chosen, in this job you design a 3D model of a building. This job requires lots of precision and detail. For example if you don’t have enough support on a wall it will collapse and then you lose more money. The next one is medical/science simulation, not to sure what this job does. Another one is defense and military simulation, in this job you design machines the military can use to help fight wars. Up next is commercial advertising and motion graphics and for this one you create commercials for a company that has hired you for it. Next would be industrial design & product visualization. This one has a lot of similarities with the architectural design job, but this one involves a lot more detail and designing. Jewelry design is the last on...

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