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Research On Animals And Biodiversity Essay

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Throughout my paper I will be examining three different scientific studies that have recently taken place. These studies include Spinner Dolphin population structure, Grizzly bear population Size in specific regions, and the survival and movement of the Congo forest mouse as well. Each study has helped further our better understanding of these species and has given scientists further knowledge and techniques when researching other species in the future.
The first study that I will be focusing on was done on Stenella longirostris also known as Spinner dolphins located in far-western Hawaii at remote Midway Atoll. It is the second to last island in the western Hawaii Archipelago and is an emergent reef featuring a lagoon. The study by Karczmarski et al. (2005) focused on the spinner dolphin’s social interaction and population structure concerning their environment. A photo identification recapture technique was used to study the spinners dolphin’s movements and interaction. In the field a tri-hulled boat was used covering the entire lagoon unless the weather conditions were not permitting. The Lagoon was scanned for the dolphin groups at a radius of 1.5km. The researchers took the wide radius scan to make sure other dolphin groups were not operating within the area. The tri-hulled boats traveled at and approximate speed of 2 knots moving next to the group of dolphins within the lagoon. Researchers used the time while along side the dolphins to record the size, relative cohesion, ID photographs, dispersion and behaviors of the mammals (Karczmarski et al. 2005). A key piece of equipment called a portable geographic positioning system, recorded the movements every 10 minutes in an interval system. The system recorded features such as depth, temperature, and topography. A camera was used to photograph the animals with color and a zoom lens. This camera took close up pictures of the dolphins and documented each one with their individual scars and markings. Researchers tried to photograph each dolphin in the same manner to keep the photographs consistent and detailed. Free diving was a method used to identify the sex of the individual dolphins. Underwater the findings were recorded in a notebook along with photographs of the animal.
All photographs were then processed within a laboratory and expanded so researchers could study the markings on each individual dolphin closer. The results of the research included one hundred and thirty five photo-ID pictures, which were compiled over one hundred and fifty eight research hours. A survey was held no farther than five days apart. The research showed that individual dolphins within the particular group stayed typically three lengths apart. The curve of discovery and frequency of the dolphin’s sightings made it apparent that the animals were resident at Midway. The large groups of dolphins at Midway were found out to be entirely bisexual societies that were held together by long-term associations with...

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