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Research on History of Vietnam

To start with Vietnam was in the control of the French, they had
gained control of it in 1883. They took charge of all the natural
resources in Vietnam and added it to there empire.

In 1940 Japan demanded the right to place Vietnam under military
occupation. The French could not refuse as they were in WWII and they
did not have the strength to fight the Vietnamese.

By 1940 two parties had been formed; the Indochinese communist party
and the national party. The two parties united and formed the
Vietminh. The Vietminh was formed to create opposition to the
Japanese. The Japanese bombed houses burnt crops and killed innocent
people. The USA supplied the Vietminh with weapons to fight the
Japanese. Ho Chi Minh used the weapons and aid the Americans gave them
to strengthen the communist section of the Vietminh.

The Ho Chi Minh led Vietminh were fighting against the French for
control of North Vietnam. They used guerrilla tactics which as they
were on home soil the French found very difficult to fight against.

In December 1953 the French set up a massive base at Dien Bien Phu in
an attempt to lure the Vietminh into a bombardment of French gunfire.

However the French’s plan backfired on them. As they were setting up
this base the Vietminh had surrounded the French with trenches and
soldiers. Instead of the full frontal assault that General Navarre,
the French commander, had expected the Vietminh were attacking from
all around them. By the time of the battle the Vietminh surrounding
Dien Bien Phu were 70,000 strong which was 5 the amount the French had
in the middle. On March 13, 1954, The Vietminh launched their attack
on the French. It lasted for 56 days before the French surrendered and
pulled out of Vietnam.

At the Geneva conference in 1954 the Americans were critical of the
French for being ‘peace at any price’. This is what the agreement was;

* France to give independence to Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam

* Vietnam to be temporarily split in two by a partition along the 17th

* A strip of land separating the two sides to be a demilitarised

* Free and Democratic elections to be held in 1956 to reunite North
and South Vietnam under one leader.

The US didn’t sign this agreement as they saw it to be like defeat for
them. US critics said the agreement had ‘tilted the balance of world
power towards communism.’ This was seen as very bad for the US as they
were totally focused on stopping the spread...

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