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Running head: RESEARCH ON HOW TO BUY A HOUSEResearch on How to Buy a HouseConnie Lashley, Debra Shepherd, Angie Maloch, Jennifer DavisUniversity of PhoenixResearch on How to Buy a HouseTo research how to buy a house starts with where, for example the township in which the house is located, what price range the buyer can afford and how many people will be living in the home. To begin we of Four Corners Reality will look at defining the problem, develop a hypothesis, review any pertinent information, develop a sample design and collect data and then reveal our findings to the potential buyers.Our purpose at Four Corners Realty is to assist new home buyers who are looking to purchase the right home in Northwest Arkansas by distinguishing the correlation between the selling price and the family needs for this life- long, financial investment. Many variables are associated with the decision making process of purchasing a home such as selling price in thousands of dollars, number of bedrooms, judging distance from the center of the city, and having quality school districts within townships. These are a few of the essential variables of significance that has been noticed in our clients and referrals success stories. Indeed having detailed information of variables will help the new home buyer make smart decisions.Our team leaders have been in the real estate industry for many years and have unfortunately, seen countless mistakes individuals have made from not properly researching and planning for the most important financial goal of a lifetime. However, without some form of direction, an individual may by misfortune permit critical decisions to obstruct or terminate the financial process without comprehending the magnitude of the outcome. Four Corners Realty has designed an easy, computer- generated outline with sophisticated software to help prevent some of the costly mistakes an overwhelming new home buyer may experience with purchasing a home such as paying too much for not enough square footage, wanting more variables in a home which may not be affordable, or not having a good resale value due to inadequate school districts within their township. In our simulation, customers may insert different variables to get an idea of what they can possibly afford. One of our past customers, the Murphy's who came to us with a pre- approved award of $215,000, has given us permission to use them in the simulation to provide a personal illustration to aid individuals who are trying to understand the buying market. All in all thorough planning will become a positive advantage for an individual buying a home.In today's society, one of the more important variables for some families is researching to find quality schools located in a specific township whether the need is traditional or year round schooling. A child normally gains knowledge which is considered one of the most important attributes during his or her school years...

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