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Research On Management And Prevention Of Stress In The Workplace

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This chapter includes the previous research work done on stress, stress at workplace, and stress management and prevention strategies of stress. The concept of stress and stress at workplace and how it is evolved during long period of time is described under this section. The various forms of preventions to stress by researchers are also described. Also the linkage of intervention strategies with stress is well-defined. The parameters defined under various research papers are described briefly that how they are used in the researches done.
The term “stress” is defined in various ways by S. Michie in Occup Environ Med, 2002 as pressure from the environment, then as pressure within the person. She also says that it is one of interaction between the situation and individual. It is the psychological and physical state that results when the resources of the individual are not sufficient to cope with the demands and pressures of the situation. Good employment practice includes assessing the risk of stress amongst employees. This involves looking for pressures at work which could cause high and long lasting levels of stress; deciding who might be harmed by these; deciding whether you are doing enough to prevent that harm. Ali Soylu in J. Individual Employment Rights, 2007 defined stress among foreigners with their job stress. He proposed a model that specifies the causes and consequences of stress specific to foreign workers. His model talks about the effect of foreign employee status on perceived stress is fully mediated by residential insecurity, job insecurity, local social networks, role ambiguity, and perceived discrimination. These conditions were selected because they are known causes of workplace stress and especially relevant to the situation of foreign employees. The model states that foreign status is a moderator that intensifies the effects of job insecurity, role ambiguity and perceived discrimination on stress, as well as moderating the effect of stress on job satisfaction, depression and health. The model concludes with saying that foreign status will increase the effects of stress on job satisfaction, depression and health. Christopher Tennant in Journal of Psychosomatic Research 51, 2001, “work-related stress” and depressive disorders says work and family are the two domains from which most adults derive satisfaction in life; equally they are the common sources of stressful experiences. The working environment continues to change with globalization of the world economy and economic rationalization driving job restructuring, greater part-time and contract work, and greater workload demands that commonly occur in a context of higher job insecurity. Employees are commonly faced with greater demands and less job security, both of which are likely to be stressful, thus psychological disorders especially depression may increasingly be caused by work-related stressors. The implications of work-related stress include the effects on worker...

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