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Research On Online Dating And Relationship

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Based on a research of Online Dating & Relationships, Smith and Duggan stated that the ways of finding partners have been changed with the times. In the past, people used matchmaking, arranged marriages and printed personal ads. With the rapid technology advancement, there are alternative methods - online dating sites and smart phone dating apps. To compare with the people who date traditionally, people who date online are active to choose their dream man or woman by browsing the others profiles (9).

They also pointed out that there are different experience between online dating and traditional dating. Users of online dating can filter the partners by reading the profiles ...view middle of the document...

There are lots of online dating sites and apps, such as SayHi app. They can chat to the one they are interested through these sources. But it is surprisingly that online dating is not bound by age. The older people are also interested in online dating. This phenomenon is interesting because people have the impression that the teens are more addicted to the Internet and using new technology while the older people are not familiar with technology and refuse to learn it. Therefore, online dating is rising without bounded by age.

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Use of Online Dating
By Cheris Wong Hei Man
Online dating has become popular. A survey demonstrated almost 7 million U.S adults met new friends and established friendship through dating websites (52). Most dating website allows users to describe about themselves and which types of people are they seeking for (50), then, Stanier et al. state that the website will use the matchmaking method to introduce users with others. Lastly, if the users are interested in others, they can choose to exchange the real information or not (52). Nonetheless, there may be some evil users to apply many false accounts to invade other users to do some illegal acts (50).

“Facebook” is one of the famous dating website to allow the people to meet new friends. Users can easier search other application users within their area (53). This is why many people like online dating in this day and age.

In my opinion, online dating is undoubtedly a good way to allow the people who need to work long hours to meet new friend because those people do not have extra time to meet friends. As online dating is convenient and easy, therefore, it attracts many people to start to use a dating website to build up a new friendship relationship with other strangers. However, using the matchmaking method is accurately to seek which types of people that you hope. And it shortens the time and complexity of the process simultaneously. Online dating seems quite attractive until now, but there may still have many threats in here.

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Effect of Online Dating on Psychological Aspect
By Yeung Tsz Ying Karen

The use of Internet become common and even making friend and dating can use Internet. There is a literature, Friend networking sites and their relationship to adolescents’ well-being and social self-esteem, about investigating the effects of using friend networking sites on the adolescents’ self-esteem and their well-being (584).

Before the research, Valkenburg, Peter and Schouten stated there is a process of the effect on self-esteem, which is the frequency of using the friend online sites may affect the formation of relationships and the tone of response of their profile (586). They also suggested the positive views may have higher self-esteem and the opposite pattern may have lower self-esteem (586).

After the study, they found out adolescents’ self-esteem is affected by the feedback. Most of comments are positive and increase their self-esteem. Besides,...

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