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Research On Palace Club Lounge Essay

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The results obtained from the data analysis are included in this chapter. The author will make an attempt to describe the demographic information of the participants who answered the questionnaire. The second part will be dedicated to establishing the relationship between customer satisfaction and service grade. The collection of data was slightly difficult due to the fact that the analysis was done by the author in Luzern, Switzerland while the data was collected in Bali, Indonesia. However, it was possible to get the data set within the stipulated time as the author had established contact with the management of Palace Club Lounge. He requested the management team to distribute the questionnaires among the customers.
4.1 Demographic Data of Respondents
The research commenced in the middle of July, 2013 and the questionnaires were given to the customers at Palace Club Lounge. Information gathered from the customers through the questionnaires were important data corresponding to the research. At first, the characteristic properties of the participating customers were recorded by listing the age, sex, origin, consumed products / services, status of participant and the present employment status of the participant. It was noted that the average age of the participants ranged between 17 and 62 years. The author considered the extracted data from the customers very useful and decided to discontinue the survey when enough information was gathered from a certain number of customers. At first, the author illustrated the age of the participants using the following chart:

Figure 4.1.1 Demographics - Age

The chart illustrated above showed the distribution of the ages of the customers who visited the Palace Club Lounge, Bali. It was noted that most customers were aged between 27 and 35 years frequented the lounge. As such, there were about 19 participants from that age group. There were a handful of customers who were 60 years of age and hence, no one from this group participated in the survey.
Figure 4.1.2 Demographics - Gender

The pie chart depicted above suggests the gender distribution of the customers of Palace Club Lounge. It was found that the number of female partcipants exceeded the number of male particpants. The number of female particpants were recorded to be 30, while the number of male partcipants were reported to be 22.

Figure 4.1.3 Demographics - Origin

In the chart illustrated above, the origin of the lounge customers have been shown. It was found that almost 27 partcipants originated from Asian countries. Australia-New Zealand earned the second spot with about 14 partcipants. There was only one customer who hailed from Africa and participated in the survey.

Figure 4.1.4 Demographics - Status of Tourist

In the pie chart depicted above, it can be seen that a majority of people had come for a vacation at the Palace Club Lounge. As such, almost 34 out of the 52 odd participants were reported to have come for the...

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